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CNN Begs The Public To Stop Using The Term Fake News

Alex Jones breaks down the recent death throws coming from CNN as they realize the public just doesn’t trust fake news networks.

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  1. Fake news fake news fake news fake news fake news fake news fake news fake news fake news fake news fake news fake news o did I trigger you CNN snowflakes I hope so

  2. CNN is so fake they would rather do stories on Trump and two scoops of ice cream, or eating chicken with a fork. New one is Trump drinking diet Coke. To them this is news, anything to smear Trump. They are a laughing stock of the news. Fake News

  3. FAKE NEWS…. fake news, fake news, fake news, fake news! CNN hired too many sjw's and now they can't handle the push back of their stupidity! Grow up and learn about life instead of sticking to your toddler like principalities!!!

  4. CNN is 96% biased fake news! the other 4% is the leading edge of fake news! so I recuse my first statement! Its a hundred percent biased fake news

  5. CNN wants us to use a "different word" for their "FAKE NEWS". How about the word "BULLS**T"?
    OK with me, but do you really want such an accurate description of MSM coverage in front of every family's dinner table with children around?

  6. Alex – Your intros are GREAT. It seems like every day there's a new one. But….These intros HAVE to cost "Big Bucks". Hey…save your cash!

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