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CNN anchor Bill Weir talks politics with Sturgis bikers

CNN anchor Bill Weir attends to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, where he asks bikers and other attendees what they think about President Donald Trump.

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  1. 500K bikers invade a small town of 7,000 for a week and nothing happens but a big party….and support for the President

  2. Those bikers are disillusioned and cannot agree with the hard facts. It is what it is. Typical and unfortunate.

  3. Americans are the dumbest crowd around and the town of Sturgis has managed to get most of them all in one place. The USA has lost so much and gained nothing

  4. The US flag is a disgrace as it is embroidered into the fabric of DHS/HHS Kidnapping and holding against their will children of refugees. A disgrace selling weapons to Saudi terrorists waging war in Yemen. A disgrace.

  5. If you didn't bash the president all the time, and his supporters like you do, the people and the president wouldn't be against CNN like they are.

  6. lol @ FAKE NEWS CNN turning a biker story into a race relations story… I'm quite sure Bill did NOT know what demographic MOST of the riders came from….

  7. Notice everyone was polite, respected his opinion. No one beat the hell out of him, spit, threw rocks and bottles at him. Not even any name calling. #WalkAway

  8. Media can try to frame the opposition as much as they want but the world is morally ambiguous, it's various shades of grey. In my opinion the divisive rhetoric serves most to weaken people, when we should be seeking unity.

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