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Clinton vs. Trump: The first U.S. presidential debate on CBC News

The 1st U.S. presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton promises to be interesting. To see more U.S. election coverage:

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  1. The election displays what people dislike more:
    Vulgar, uneducated and arrogant?
    Manipulative, false, and conniving?

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  3. All these vines be like
    Mum I'm voting for trump
    Get outa my house
    Now it's like
    Well we're doomed….

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  5. He was a mack truck and magnificent from the first second. God I'm glad I witnessed all of this. Thank you Donald. Thank you America.

  6. The bottom line is trump supports the exact same regulations as George w bush and if you think the first recession in 2008 was bad than wait till the next recession happens under trump,   Have fun americans.

  7. In October of 2016 I predicted that Hillary would win election but not be President. Americans ALWAYS vote for LEO when available. Trump, Bush and Bush Lite are Leo Rising. Obama and Bill Clinton are Leo Sun. Thats ends all arguments.


  9. They have a lot in common, same interests: serve corporations, fund the military, take more from working people, tax breaks for the richest, protect the central banks, transfer the peoples wealth to themselves and elite buddies pockets, lie continuously.
    How so many can trust either of these corporate crooks just shows how much power the mainstream press(billionaire class) has over the people.

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