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Clinton Blasts Trump Immigration Policy: Family Separation ‘An Affront To Our Values’ | NBC News

During a New York City speaking event, Hillary Clinton took aim at the current zero-tolerance policy at the U.S.-Mexico border. Clinton added that, during the presidential campaign, she had warned of such policies occurring under President Trump.
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Clinton Blasts Trump Immigration Policy: Family Separation ‘An Affront To Our Values’ | NBC News

Blogger, Performer, Truck Driver, Serial Careerist, Cigarette Butt Collector. Let me bitch at you every day until you sort your shit.


  1. I don't dictate policy to your country (Israel), so don't stick your big jew nose into the business of America. Your secret is out, Hitlery. And we know why your face looks like a rat.

  2. Hillary reconfirms that it was so right that she wasn't elected. LET'S BE CLEAR! The family separation was signed into law by her own husband, Bill Clinton, and enforced by Obama. Trump did not invent it. Yet, there IS A SOLUTION. The DACA kids can join their parents and leave this country, until they turn into 18 and are able to re-enter the USA. The American taxpayer, who has his own kids, has no obligation to take care of the the DACA kids whose parents have made a deliberate choice to break the law.

  3. I guess someone like you doesn't understand what breaking the law means, considering the law doesn't apply to you! I can name a million ways you and your pathetic husband have torn children from they're families. It happens to Americans daily when they break the law. Get a life Hillary…

  4. Your husband is responsible for our current immigration situation…..let’s be very clear……your party is not helping fix the immigration problem because you want future voters… are a big fat lier and political crony…..why you didn’t win the election.

  5. The Devil quoted the Bible too. Clinton believes in late term abortion. Ripping a baby from a mothers' womb and tearing them apart for their parts to be sold.

  6. I HATE THIS LIAR! How long is she going to be able to lie to the people and get away with it until she is completely ostracized and put in prison for her extreme lies to the public. The majority of us know she is a liar while only a slim few are fooled by the media and their lies.

  7. lies lies lies this Witch thought it was ok back in 2014 when Obama was in office   look it up   more propaganda from this lying demon she cares so much about children that she supports abortion… they want illegals over here to crash the economy and to have future demoncrats voters to destroy the USA she needs tried for treason.hillay if you love all these illegals move them into your house im sure you and bill have billions of dollars stolen off the American tax payers not to mention the poor people of haiti   WAKE UP AMERICA support TRUMP NOW AND IN 2020

  8. Hillary has zero credibility . her agenda is driven by Greed , she despises humanity and is ruthless , and she lies .

  9. The woman who laughed at the decimation of Libya and turned it into a failed terrorist state that traffics in slavery is suddenly a humanitarian.Four years earlier she was FOR deportation of migrant children. What an audacious opportunist!

  10. Now she's care's about the children?? What a joke! Hillary don't give a crap about anyone. "What difference does it make?" Explain how you and your husband pocketed millions and spread the money to her corrupt friends and Haiti government during the Haiti relief and nothing was done for the people…That too was swept underneath the rug like many others scams. I rather she kept her mouth shut and go hide in hole somewhere.

  11. I am confused i thought this is the law you did. Amazing you can say that there is a proof 2014 pictures children in a cave. You rip chrildren from their mom s womb now you talk as if you want to help. Shut up killary


  13. This is the Clintons zero-tolerance immigration policy drafted by her husband in 1994 and approved by Congress and the Senate. Not Donald Trump!

  14. Hillary, you're sounding like a Republican: talking about "values". You don't have any unless its tied to (dirty) money.

  15. So now she wants to pretend that she’s on the other side now that the trump administration is in place. Policies that took place when the Clinton administration was in affect. This lady is just a joke and it is more of a delight to see her slowly slip away into her own grave!!

  16. You said it women fleeing domestic violence. How are they leaving there county to come to America and apply for Asylum? They are trying to play the system but Trump won't let that happen no more. #Maga.

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