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Clint Watts: On Russia Election Meddling, What Are The Consequences? | MTP Daily | MSNBC

Former FBI Special Agent Clint Watts joins MTP Daily to discuss how the U.S. has responded to Russian meddling and says on sanctions, “Those that make the decision are compromised and also unwilling.”
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Clint Watts: On Russia Election Meddling, What Are The Consequences? | MTP Daily | MSNBC

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  1. We need to integrate blockchain into these out dated dialup Un encrypted voting machines. Trump supporters are over here talking about libs libs and can't realize we had a foreign government collude with our elections. Saddest thing I've ever seen.

  2. The United States of America has the strongest surviellience system on the globe employing over 100,000 thru out a half dozen agencies. Ok, Pretty straight forward.
    The Russians got past all that and influenced the election to a means allowing a Trump victory? This event has been called a sophisticated campaign.
    The sale of US uranium rights to Russia was in 2013 with Clinton and Obama approval. Inside of two years the Russians now want Trump for president?
    I hope Trump and Clinton are investigated equally. Trump is past one year and still going. It is time for Clinton investigation to get started. Equal time under the microscope.

  3. Since money is the real Americans god, get most of your money out of Wall Street and save, like in Europe. When the economy starts plummeting, the crooks of the White House and Congress will have to change strategy. Vote. Reinvest.

  4. Trump doesn't want to do anything because he wants the interference. Paper ballots. No electronic voting whatsoever. That's the answer.
    Meanwhile, massive, enforced sanctions, and the financial holdings of all Russian state entities (and oligarchs) in the US and Europe should be seized.

  5. People enjoy and celebrate a new tech advance in phones, but fail to see that this makes your phone use easier to hack. Why is it that cars, phones, computers can advance but our tech for keeping us safe is sitting in a stagnant pool? We all gripe when there is a new virus or shout at microsoft to improve their antivirus security, but don't see a need to safeguard our elections.

  6. So, if I understand the conservatives Clinton conspiracy theory : so far, Hillary Clinton is a corrupt mastermind who colluded with Russia (and yeah, we all know how Clinton and Putin have always been best buddies, as proven by the fact that Russia was behind the DNC hack and had the Clinton emails released by Wikileaks on the same day the Access Hollywood tape story broke) to create dirt on Trump via the Steele Dossier (because sure an ex-MI6 agent would want to work with the FSB afterwards. Like totally!). Christopher Steele who himself was in cahoots with James Comey (the same guy who cost Hillary the election by reopening the investigation into her emails weeks before said election and is a registered Republican) to leak it and somehow the DNC rigged the election (when the swing states all went to Trump, and the recount Jill Stein demanded in these was textbook was Wikileaks asked the Trump campaign to do if he lost. Source Don Jr. tweets with Wikileaks).
    One quick question : How is Hillary Clinton not the President of the United States with all that plotting?
    Don't bother answering, it's rhetorical…

  7. Why is it legal for a president and entire GOP to refuse to fix foreign meddling in our government. If there was a blue wave, Trump could say the elections didnt count. This is insane.

  8. I remember when Trump was running he said that if he lost the election it would only be because "the system is rigged, folks". He knew something then that we didn't know…

  9. Didn't the Trump administration just decide not to enforce the sanctions almost unanimously voted by Congress? It sure looks like as if some are eager to give their country away. The crucial question is what are these people getting in return?

  10. How else could Republicans win an election without gerrymanding, help from the Russians and tampering with voting machines……?

  11. Here's a suggestion: Don't use wi-fi in voting machines or in voter role information. Convey registration and vote information by courier. Verify programs on the voting machines before and after voting. Confirm voting totals by phone and follow up with results on paper by courier. A computer that doesn't have a wi-fi network card can't be hacked.

  12. Turn the DNC servers over to the FBI and lets see all FISA memos from both sides including the FISA Application and let the facts fall where they may. Enough of this speculation with zero evidence, what a waste of tax payer money. How many elections has the US Government meddled in since 1954 starting with Iran? Don't take these Corporate Mainstream puppets words for it, do your own research…

  13. Russia thinks it is fun. Look at America. They are so divided. They are so angry with each other. Other country must find this ridiculous and funny. Very sad

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