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Christian Evangelicals vote for Donald Trump 4 USA President? Breaking News 2016

Christian Evangelicals vote for Donald Trump 4 USA President? Breaking News 2016

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  1. well they are crazy enough to talk to imaginary friends on a daily basis and seems to have a general problem with relating to reality so it wuldnt be stretch of the imagination that they would vote for trump.

  2. Many pious Christians exist in the United States.
    And they possess a gun for self-defense.
    Does the Bible have description of "shoot others"?

  3. I’m a Christian, and I support Trump for president.

    In the following I believe I provide adequate justification for Christians to support Donald Trump for President.

    1)What many Christians have failed to seriously consider is the very possibility that America has become too secular to support a genuine Christian President, or at least someone who appears to be a Christian President like Cruz. Should we actually expect a real Christian President to win the presidency in a nation that has become increasingly secular?

    I believe our country is now too far gone to support and vote for a genuine Christian President. Take a moment and think about this: We have now gone through eight years under the leadership of a Godless presidency and an increasingly secular government and educational system. These eight years has been sufficient time to allow for an entire generation of our nation’s youth to mature under the influence of a Godless, secular worldview. So how should this influence the way Christians should approach this election process? The answer should be obvious, support Trump…..for president.

    2)If America has become too secular to support a genuine Christian for President, then why waste our Christian vote on someone like Cruz who would be unlikely to win in such a secular environment? Are not the stakes too high to support republican candidates that have little to no chance of taking the Oval Office? Yes, yes, most genuine Christians would love to see someone more Christ-like in the Oval Office; however, if it is true that our country is now too far gone to support and vote for a genuine Christian President, then we should support and vote for the only apparent alternative, Trump.

    I want to spend my effort in supporting a candidate wisely, this of course means I support the republican candidate that actually has the best chance of winning the presidency in a society that has become so secular. More than likely Ted Cruz did not have a chance to win this presidential race in such a society. This is extremely important for us Christians to consider!

    2) Trump is the best compromise between conservatives and liberals, between the godless and the godly. As such, he has the best chance of winning the support of the godless, the liberals, and the democrats that are riding the fence because they’re fed up with the current leadership; he is just secular enough to win the support of secularists, and he is committed enough to supporting the Christian and conservative worldview to warrant the support of Christians. Yes, I know, Donald Trump is not as conservative as many of us Christians would prefer; however, neither is he as liberal as he could be. And he is very much conservative on many issues.

    3) And yes, I know he is not a genuine Christian, but consider this: Can God use a non-christian to lead well and benefit the Church? Yes, God can cause unsaved leaders to benefit the Church just as He did with the Roman emperor Constantine. Constantine claimed to be a Christian even though, by his words and actions, clearly was not (just like Trump). However, even though he was not genuinely saved, he certainly did benefit the Church greatly (there are other examples as well). So history, as a fine teacher, demonstrates the indeed God can and does use unsaved leaders to benefit the Church and society in general.

    5) Oh, and did I forget? Guess what fellow Christians, God might not want Trump in the office of Presidency at all (although I believe He does, but I’m saying this for our nation’s sake), maybe Trump will drop dead soon after taking the presidency. Maybe it is the person Trump so chooses as his running mate that God wants in office! Now has that ever been put forth as a possibility? What better way to get a genuine Christian in office than to completely by-pass any voting requirements present in an increasingly secular nation such as ours? This is why praying Christians had better be praying hard that God leads trump in selecting his running mate!

    6) God can change trump. Yes it’s that simple; God can change trump for the better, and in such a way as to benefit the Church and society. Can God do that? Yes, yes He can. He has done it in the past and he can do it now and in the future, if Christians engage in their duty and responsibility in regards to praying for trump and this nation, that is.

    Now consider the following characteristics that further justify Christians supporting Trump for president:

    A)Trump is not running for Office to further his legacy, he already has a legacy; he is running because he truly cares for our nation and wishes to see it great again.

    B) He is a natural-born leader who inspires and brings out excellence in those under his leadership.

    C) He is an excellent negotiator. His business endeavors prove this. Imagine, if you will, Trump negotiating with Russian leader Putin on behalf of America. Then imagine Obama or Clinton negotiating with Russian leader Putin on behalf of America. Now, which of these would actually come away from such negotiation having actually befitted America? Of course the answer is obvious.

    D) No other candidate has Donald’s ability and talent to select the right people who will actually be productive and effective in negotiating/representing the interests of Americans and our nation abroad.

    E) Donald trump actually has the sense to understand this nation is currently in jeopardy under the present administration’s immigration policies. Building that Wall: Walls keep dangerous elements OUTSIDE. This is why our individual homes have walls, people. Would we allow just anyone to walk in and out of our homes? Of course not. It makes sense then to have a wall on our unsecured boarder with Mexico, especially considering the fact that most anyone can simply walk right over our southern border without any resistance at all (have you seen the videos demonstrating this?).

    F) Trump understands that political correctness is actually a movement that undermines the values, policies and principles that made America great in the first place. He is anti-political correctness. This goes a long way in establishing Trump as pro-prosperity.

    G) He will not mess around as our president. If someone in government is neglecting their responsibilities, he will point at them and say: YOUR FIRED!!!!!

    In Conclusion: Christians are completely justified in supporting Trump, PERIOD

    It is time that all American Christians get on board and start supporting Trump so that our nation will have a chance to survive the next four years of this nation, and not just survive without losing our God-given rights, but also to prosper. We had better also start SERIOUSLY interceding for our nation. Remember Christians: God Almighty has chosen to work through the prayers of the saints–that would be you and me.

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