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Chris Cuomo upset: Republicans chose to go on Fox News – CNN SUCKS – #TFNOriginal


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  1. Low ratings, fake news CNN wonders why no one wants to come on their Trump hating, American hating network?????? The liberal network still doesn't get do they??

  2. 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁CNN will be loved if their reporting is accurate and true and not made from assumption

  3. a constitutional republic does not necessarily have democratic processes, ours does. but we are not a democracy. we are a constitutional republic with a democratic branch of government, namely congress, and democratic process of election. cuomo, you dim wit.

  4. pooooooor little chrisssy …. i wonder if he has any idea that he looks like a small child….. they all went to fox wannnnn wannnnn

  5. CNN is going bankrupt!
    I can't wait for them to get deleted and forgotten forever before the end of Trump 8 years in office.

  6. Lol. CNN is crying.
    Hey guys, could you imagine my girlfriend ass is having more views than CNN? LMFAO
    CNN is just as shitty as mad woman ass!

  7. Lol. CNN is crying.
    Hey guys, could you imagine my girlfriend ass is having more views than CNN? LMFAO
    CNN is just as shitty as mad woman ass!

  8. I'm stunned anyone still goes on their show at all. Poor ratings, bias, lies…people are sick of them. Clueless to the bitter end…

  9. You might be interested ??

    I am personally delighted Trump won. Why? Because he is no politician.

    The 16 years of utter corruption of the hard left has been fascinating to watch. I recall Obama saying on live Tv he has had the cleanest 8 years of any president. No scandals at all. That is apart from using a private email service outside the states secure system to communicate with Hilary and the other deep state actors, apart from that, but is it anything to be concerned about?? .. to name but one.

    I can think of 5 major hushed up issues, anyone else would call a scandal. You need to consider why they thought it necessary to communicate secretly outside the system? Well the obvious answer is, they did not want the official archive to capture anything. Hilary testified under oath she did not handle classified information on her private server. She testified she handed everything over to the state archive department when she left office. 18 months late, but handed everything over to the state department. Her testimony to congress under oath is readily available to watch. This is exactly what she said at the time, repeating the line nothing on her server was classified. Nothing. It is on Youtube and worth a watch. This was done confidently as only a politician can do. This of course was a lie. But at the time she never once thought she would loose the election so none of this really mattered she knew it would come to naught.

    Top secret emails, secret emails and confidential emails were all on her server. The bent cop James Comey (the then head of the FBI) testified under oath this was in fact the case, (Youtube it) shooting Hilary in the foot. he found 69 top secret emails, the rest had been deleted with bleach bit by Hilarys staff. The server without encryption was hacked and not by the Russians. Why is this important? Her interlocutors were, Obama, his pseudonym on the system ? "A government Official " who requested to be kept informed of the wire tap on Trump Towers during the election, all recorded on the recovered emails and again on texts of the FBI agents involved,up to their necks in the scam and cover up, durning the election process Obama was spying on his opponent using the apparatus of the state, which in America is illegal.

    Obama went on TV to ridicule Trump at the time saying it was not the case and Trump was a fool and was imagining the problem he certainly was not wire tapped. He swore he did not communicate with the Justice department or the FBI or the CIA on the subject. This too can be enjoyed in full on Youtube. Obama was lying through his teeth like Clinton, all now proved under oath to congress, still available on Youtube. This is the President happily lying on TV because he too was confident they would never get caught because the anointed one Hilary was taking over as President and no chance of loosing.

    Admiral Mike Rogers the head of the NSA (National Security Agency, equivalent of GCHQ only 100 times larger) discovered the illegal wire tap on Trump Towers and Trump's team. He drove over to Trump Towers to tell Trump and explained the illegal secret tap was real. The next day Trump moved out to Bedminster his Golf club to set up the Trump campaign HQ the very next day. Obama wanted to sack the Admiral. But it was too close to the election and the fall out would kill Hilary stone dead.

    The brave Admiral is still in office to this day. His testimony under oath is still available to watch and is a classic. (Youtube) Could it get any worse??? Yes Hilary lost the election..

    They never expected ….. never in a million years to quote them that would happen. Brennan the head of the CIA assisted by Comey the head of the FBI and Loretta Lynch the attorney general at the state department instigated what they termed an "insurance policy” which should come into play immediately . Hilary Clinton bought and paid for a dossier, she paid $13,000,000 for the famous "Russian Collusion Dossier" which both Hilary and Obama knew was false as did the CIA and FBI and the State Department.

    The media was briefed by the head of the CIA, saying Trump was in bed with the Russians and a special council should be appointed to get to the bottom of it. Treason at the highest level, but not as it turns out Trump treason!

    Again all the players knew this was false the media loved the story and decided it must be true as both the heads of the CIA and FBI and State Department leakers said so. All three departments said it was true.

    The global left media had an absolute fit of joy. But you hear nothing of it anymore. The clear plan was to impeach Trump and throw him out of office thereby saving the nation from a detestable moron.

    This was the insurance policy Peter Stzorke (FBI) referred to in his infamous text messages to his secret lover, also an FBI employee Lisa Page. Stzorke was the lead investigator in the Hilary Email scandal, he was also the lead investigator in the Tump collusion scandal until Robert Mullier was appointed Special Council. So far their plan was working, creating a shit storm around Trump.

    Why is the email affair important??

    Why is this significant?? Because months before Hilary was interviewed by Stzork (FBI) about the email scandal the exoneration draft document was already written by FBI boss Comey and Stzorke. She was home and dry before anything could go too far.

    Hilary had a free pass, she was never going to be charged and she knew it. Her husband told her as if she needed telling.

    Lorretta Lynch (attorney general) met her husband Bill Clinton on the tarmac of an airport where they secretly met to discuss Hilarys exoneration. Pity the airport security cameras caught them conspiring. Two days later Hilary was cleared.

    Funny thing is the FBI then had no record, no recording no video nothing, no notes of Hilarys initial interview. Despite there being a crowd of 8 people present in the room. Nothing. The great thing is the original draft found her guilty of Gross Negligence, the criminal standard which would have seen her jailed. This has come to light under a FOI request, after a court case. When those missing documents were produced imagine the horror of being proven a lier? But nothing came of it, again she was let off because the deep state players sure as hell did not want all this coming out in court.

    The final report document referred to her as being careless, which is not criminal. The fix was in. She was cleared of all charges.

    Those top secret emails included U.S Ambassador's calendar appointments and movements around the world. Just an example.

    How did all this come to light???? Serendipity and bad luck.

    Hilarys private secretary Huma Abadin, kept a copy of everything on her lap top, (WTF) including all state department passwords and codes. Her husband is in jail now, he was found guilty of being a pedophile and is doing time. During that investigation, the FBI found Hilary's secretary lap top, thy discovered all the missing emails Hilary said did not exist, some 33,000 initially and a greater quantity traced later. Holy shit the lid was off, but again the deep state came to her rescue, again they did all they could to stop the investigation. The Americans have a wonderful phrase for this, after documents are requested they never appear, they call this “slow walking’ The aim, to get to the next election with nothing coming out.

    About this time, this Russian Collusion narrative started to unravel. Comey (FBI BOSS) was recommended to be dismissed by his state department boss . He like his fellow conspirators was feeding the press. Trump acted on that recommendation. Comey was found to be leaking to the press keeping the Russian story going with all the verve he could muster all with the aim of impeachment he also lied under oath to congress. Usually that is a 5 year jail term. Others followed. Some 19 deep state corrupt officials were sacked or moved. But the big players are at large. We have several brave republican congressmen to thank for unpicking this shocking scandal. Nothing makes sense until you see the whole picture from the beginning. They had been in power for 16 years, it was Hilary's turn next, they were ahead in the poles and they had bought and trained the media to obey. The media in America is largely corrupt bought and paid for. See the youtube video at the end of this article. What Trump has complained about is absolutely true.

    Hilary will eventually be found guilty and jailed along with Loretta Lynch and Brennan (CIA Boss a Muslim!) and about 18 others. This is peeling back all the way to Obama. The left say Trump was in fact colluding. They point to a guilty plea from General Flynn as indicative evidence.

    The FBI agents who interviewed Flynn, say, in their written statements, state clearly Flynn did not lie to them. Stzorke changed the report to he did lie, (can you see the pattern) and bankrupted the general. He plead guilty to save his son from being joined in the case. You will note he has not been sentenced, despite it being 12 months since pleading guilty, because all of this other stuff has come to light in the meantime and the whole thing is being avoided. Again they do not want a full court case. That would be a shit storm they could not control. They know as before the last thing they want is a Clinton in court, because she is easily proved a poor witness as to fact.

    Is Trump a Moron? If he is he is a very successful Moron.

    So my point ????? Is the media corrupt? ????

    The answer is yes very much so.. Please take a few moments so watch this video…

  10. Today American Republicans became the official party of the Russian mob, treasonous Trump just proved to the world that the USA is a fucking joke! A truly stupid mentally ill leader, denies, deflects and lies without blinking a crooked eye. I get it America, you hate black people, you hate anyone who isn’t a fake Christian like all of you asshat hillbillies, but today your stupid leader just gave Russia the blowjob she’s been waiting for.. stupid, redneck, inbred, ignorant shit for brains Americans! Stupidest group of idiots on the planet.

  11. Chris you're totally wrong read the constitution nowhere in that document does it say we are a democracy you're an idiot

  12. I Pledge of Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands one nation under God invincible with liberty and justice for all.

  13. This Chris guy is #1 d bag. Idk why anyone would wanna watch this guy lie and be a dick all day. Look what they r trying to do in this video. Blame Republicans and act like it's all foxes fault. CNN and MSNBC and others alike DUG their own graves. I predict in the future they will try to clean up their act tho. Right now they are still in denial n in the blame everyone else like mother Hillary XD. Duck liberals. Find a cure for liberalism

  14. I don't blame anyone refusing to go on CNN… I block them in my parental controls.  They are a waste of space.

  15. CNN is the armpit of American media, MSNBC is the a$$hole of American media…. together they are STILL nothing….

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