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Chris Cuomo: Do you see pro-life in your politics?

CNN’s Chris Cuomo argues that if you’re pro-life, you should be willing to treat all lives equally.

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  2. so if tyrone doesn't get a free Obama phone its equal to a unborn baby being put to death? liberal logic at its best

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  4. I would love for the old white men in Washington get their noses out of everyone sex life what a bunch of perverts.

  5. A person actually can't see the difference between sentencing an innocent child to death, and sentencing a murderer to death… is truly morally bankrupt.

  6. Life in prison gives one a chance to redeem his soul and also the death penalty costs the courts so much money bc of all the appeals. Lets face it we all fall short in some way or another in Gods eyes.

  7. They are not pro-life, they are pro-embryo. They only care about asserting their power and control over you. They want these babies born, but once they are they don't care if they starve in the street! Don't believe me? Why are conservatives constantly trying to cut the small amount of help even offered to the poor? If they repeal and don't replace Obama care, it will force millions of Americans to become uninsured. Plus, you can find video of one of those pro life centers instructing a new employee to only offer clothing and things to the pregnant women. If there baby has been born don't give them anything because you don't want them to "rely" on it.

  8. I think he has a point. . ..but what do i know I'm just a Russian bot. Oh wait he doesn't have a point, he has a agenda. My bad . . .beeb . . .beep

  9. The hell you smoking chris your trying to say phedofiles deserves to live your crazy and rapists and murders?

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