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China threat to USA with New advanced ballistic missiles Breaking News September 20 2015

China threat to USA with 2 million Military Personnel & New advanced ballistic missiles Breaking News September 20 2015

1st time Chinese Navy War ships off the coast of Alaska Obama in Alaska Breaking News September 4 2015

Russia China Alliance War Practice In Japan Sea Breaking News August 2015

Russian military doctrine states use nuclear weapons to combat West Breaking News March 2015

Putin says Russia nuclear weapons were on alert over Crimean Peninsula Breaking News March 2015

Breaking News March 26 2015 Saudi Arabia leads air strikes against Yemen’s Houthi rebels

ISIS ISIL DAESH in Tunisia massacre mostly European Tourists RAW footage Breaking News

RAW video ISIS ISIL DAESH in Yemen massacre mosque attacks Breaking News March 2015

Senator John McCain mocks President Barack Obama’s temper tantrum over Israel Breaking News

Iran’s Supreme leader Ali Khamenei called for Death to America as Obama appealed to Iran’s people

Chief of Police Arizona Fired Phoenix Arizona – First responders with PTSD National CRISIS Breaking News February 2015

City of Maricopa Arizona Cobblestone Farms HOA refuse to contact reach out to community about City of Maricopa Police on 1/18/15 shoot & kill Iraq Afghan vet w/PTSD – neighbor seeks more action on PTSD Breaking News January 2015

American Sniper Movie Clint Eastwood’s record breaking about veteran Chris Kyle Killed by PTSD Vet February 2015

CANADIAN HOME BUYERS/SELLERS ALERT – City of Maricopa Cobblestone Farms Police killing Breaking news 2015

City of Maricopa Police fatally shoot Iraq Afghan Vet w/PTSD Mayor Christian Price Chief Police Steve Stahl

USA Combat Veterans PTSD Crisis Iraq veteran diagnosed with PTSD called 911 for help and the City of Maricopa police shot and killed him ( says need PTSD help call 911)

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  1. Pretty scary stuff!! I live right next door to the US, Canada. I'm pretty frightened of the whole world's situation these years. I'm actually very frightened. If the power ever goes out, seven billion people are going to OVERLOAD! All the helping hand technology will collapse, along with our infrastructure and so on. God forbid, should the electrical grid fail…

  2. The US don't want no Countries to have the capability to defend themselves incase they want to attack, they call those countries threat if them have, stupid taught

  3. The amount of stupidity the Americans present is fucking incredible. It's like they don't want any other country to have any military capability. Which is obviously there goal. Fucking Yankees and bloody hell I don't see China bitching about there invention of weapons.

  4. Its slowly laughable that US speaks about threat? USA is the threat. Only the USA veto-ed the 2 States Solution. Jet Fuel is not capable melt steel.Its a fact. How can these ignorant Americans"? Not sure they are Americans… maybe not at all just pretending. War on Iraq? That was threat to our future. Libya? Gaddafi was murdered the most advanced country destroyed and caused refugee crisis. Millions are dead, US historically puts Dictators like Pinochet, Mobutu, Poroschenko, etc in power and if people will die well collateral damage for US. The biggest threat to the world is US and only one could be worse than that an Israeli-Ruled US. Who veto-d the PEACE always? Who veto-d in the UN the 2 states Solution accepted by 90{110202e4b0545ba7d82f832dfdef697f1165b8ffb4f37afa9b7f9a509eaa0583} of the countries in the 90'ies? Only one country: UNITED STATED of AMERICA voted against 2 states and peace in Palestine thus allowing an ever unfolding genocide front of our eyes but hidden behind NEWS. US attacked 50+ countries since 1945 please study history!!! PLEASE! USA should be penalised for years with NO Military movements beyond the borders of USA. If they want kill and war let them do that at home if they still have any… after their Fracking Industry poisoned their whole country and soon we will see many Americans to flee the once great now horrible terrorist country USA.

  5. China is not a threat is just trying to protect its hard won technological achievements American politicians and institutions can not Stand to see a non Christian nation specifically a non protestant nation achieve success in critical fields .Religion specifically Christianity and Mohammed will be the biggest threat to humankind Achievements!!

  6. +U2Bheavenbound Warrior When CEO profits are linked to profits, we should expect that lies and corruption will often raise their ugly heads because of the obvious conflict of interest between saying the truth when the truth would cause financial loss and reduced bonuses for company CEO's. After all some CEO bonuses can be as high as 100 million dollars a year so it should not come as a surprise that these poor people face a huge moral versus financial dilemma ( apart from the pressure from losing their jobs if they didn't maximize their company's profits ) and all these pressures affects their physical and mental even spiritual health.

    Remember the false accusations given to us by our leaders to get our support for the Iraq war of 2003 ? Those lies had disastrous consequences, have created more threat, returned little benefit except to the corporations and the people behind them, given contracts for reconstruction,, made Iraq and the world more dangerous, and killed countless innocent women and children including our own.

    And you, U2Bheavenbound Warrior, if you are promoting these videos to spread "fear" you are not a Christian as your avatar suggests. You are working for the other bloke, the fake one, the one they call the Anti-Christ, No true Christian supports an attack strategy of any kind, neither pre-emptive nor retaliation unless being directly attacked. Christianity is based on L.O.V.E. and FAITH, not "fear". You are listening to the wrong sermon my brother. I am willing to defend myself, just not willing to go risk my ;life fighting others' greedy wars that have nothing to do with security.

    "The ever-lasting miracle is truly possible ; we only need to think this: "life" exists.

  7. American scam, sell alarm weapons, go war with great China is not wide move. need experience the Korean war.

  8. China south sea . its explain all "China" south sea.. well , how come there are so many US war ship in "china south sea" who is aggressive? think about it

  9. More PILGRIMS SOCIETY members as trustees of the Hudson Institute.
    These are the Worthy Gentlemen who are only interested in "promoting friendly US/UK relations."
    And for THAT—their roster MUST remain darker than a raven's wing in a coal mine at midnight.

  10. this american Slut Says China's aggression in South China Sea LoL u american Bastards will never Talk about american aggression in all countries war on Peace Kills Millions of innocent People Destroyed their Countries U.S is Fucking Evil Empire Shit Comes to its End

  11. 也许三十年后,美国就没这么飞扬跋扈了。毕竟,美国位处北美孤岛。优势也是劣势。

  12. America is not happy because they know that they cannot invade China. They realized that China is not Syria or Iraq. US will only attack and invade those countries that are not able to defend themselves.

  13. In fact, China only wants to be friend with US. China also never trusts US as US has got too many unpredictable generals, and presidents. US has threatened China for almost 50 years, and the two states did fight each other in Korea war. China has no choice but to build whatever it can to defend Itself or to attack back if it got attacked.

  14. as Obama has been defusing defunding or military. China keeps building improving and over funding their's. So after 8 year's were flying bi planes and they are flying space ships

  15. CBC radio here on the prairies was right. Communist china terrorists. More terrorists great. We need to bring down a couple of towers again so we have the right to go in there and take em on.

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