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China Respond US: Beijing Admits To Putting Troops On South China Sea Reefs | Shangri-La Dialogue

✅ Top Stories Today – China is well within its rights to station troops on islands it claims in the South China Sea, the head of the country’s military delegation at the Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore said on Saturday in response US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis.
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  1. Sink the robbery islands to free small countries around China. There's no such thing called "south china sea" forever before. It's the South Pacific Ocean.

  2. “South China Sea Issue is nothing like most of us in the west are led to believe.”

    Checkout what Ambassador Chas W. Freeman, Jr. (USFS, Ret.), Providence, Rhode Island, 10 April 2015

    “Diplomacy on the Rocks: China and Other Claimants in the South China Sea”

    Remarks at a Seminar of the Watson Institute for International Studies, Brown University has to say.

  3. In fact, the Vietnam government admitted China's sovereignty over the Xisha and Nansha islands between the 1950s and 1970s, and Vietnam's then prime minister Pham Van Dong even recognized China's sovereignty over the area in an official letter in 1958 to the then Chinese premier Zhou Enlai.

  4. Perhaps better if China take over Vietnam, Philippines, Brunei and Sabah/Sarawak. Then the U.S. will have no leg to stand on. If it were Russia, this is what it would do. Like what it did to Japan. Japan lost the Kuril islands. Russia's foreign policy is correct. War and aggression should not be seen to pay. Instead, aggressors should pay for their transgressions. China has been too kind . It should not had left South Tibet where the nefarious indians have sneaked back in with their illegal "forward bases" policy again. After being given a trouncing by China in 1962.

  5. Everywhere you look around the world it's about USA time to an end off bullied USA fucked them hypocrite scums

  6. America will never fuck with China or any other Asian countries, dick heads in Washington knows what will happen to them, Asia is not middle east that's what America should remember always.

  7. China have other things to deal for any threat…
    As China has more submarine with atomic missiles and super super computer to deal any threat…

  8. SCS is China's territory long before the existence of US and other claimants.
    Chinese mariner Admiral ChengHe 600 yrs ago, had commanded largest fleet in the world, all the way from China to SEA, Indian Ocean, Arab world and Africa.
    If China is as greedy and nasty as hostile Americans, 1/2 of this earth planet would have known as China.

  9. China can negotiate with US; if US navy installations move out of Guam and Hawaii, then China can also move out its installations from SCS.

  10. Pentagon getting aggressive each day.That's why China is forced to turn this resort islands into fortified forts for self- protection first.U can bully China 65 years ago ….

  11. When will mankind grow up move pass wars and move on to multi planetary humans there's so much more money to make in mining in space then the business of war….. I hope we stop this kind of bullshit no one wins a nuclear war…..

  12. MAJORITY WINS. Democratic Law. China's population is greater than all Asean states. USA out Japan out. Australia out. India out.

  13. we cant stop a country with 1.3 billion people invading the world ..china is like a giant T-REX monster eating up his food chain supplies ..cambodia, Pakistan, africa , part of south america have already been eaten up not so long ago …only the chinese people themselves can stop it if they think about humanity and peace , but im not sure they realize this up coming tragedy or not

  14. Why don't Trump just focus on getting his Nobel peace price that China will help to get it ?USA don't need to judge the Asia business especially in south China sea, they already make a mess in middle East, cause lots of people died and homeless . They can stay out of this, they should be sorry for what they done for those Palestinian people, Iraqi people, bomb the syria with no evidence of chemical attack. They are fool and selfish, start wars to get what they want, colonized Asia and rape off Asia for centuries. They are uneducated barbarians, rude like pig and look what they had done to native Americans. They should be shamed. Lucky they have Trump now and he is just so predictable and unpredictable. Good for us . OH IF THOSE WHO USE UR BULLSHIT DEMOCRACY CAN ACTUALLY SUCK MY ASS, YOUR WHITE DIRTY PIGS WITH BRIAN SIZE OF PEANUT. GO TO UR ROOM AND DO YOUR MATHS HOMEWORK BEFORE JOIN THE ADULT TALK. ASSHOLE. OH YES, EVEN YOUR SO MUCH BIGGER THAN ASIANS BUT YOU ALL PUNCH LIKE A LITTLE PUSSYCAT. AND YOUR LITTLE BALLS ARE ALWAYS STUCK IN YOUR BRAIN! Oh yes, I will be nice, innocent and vulnerable when u see me and cut your throat from your back, drink your blood, feed your brain RAW to my cat and make dumplings with your flesh and send it to your mum, watch her eat it and poop out. You may never know ! Your welcome!

  15. Only ignorance People will talk against the US because SCS is not belongs to China alone but those stupid People that talking against The US will not remember that,,,.Why China is Claiming what belongs to Others Countries around China,, because China is a Stupid Regional Stupid Super Power,,,, so others Countries has no rights to enjoys what belongs to them….

    Apart from abundant mineral resources,,, SCS is a business routes for many Ships to others countries,,,

    How on earth China alone wanted to Claim that??? In fact China Government and their Citizens that saying China has right on SCS are all ignorance People…. Even they worse more than ignorance because i don't known what to call them…

    Because China Government are aggressive ,,and their Citizens are subdue to their Government because no freedom of speech in China…..

    But China remember this if any War beak out on SCS ,,China Country will have greatest losses because many Countries around China will strike China Country from all Angeles…..

  16. 1 No one give a fck with what American think 2 We can do whatever we want 3 We will keep doing this 4 US should Stop being like an asshole and always talk shit. 5 We do nothing to American and American should get out our zone. 6 Be fcking confident and not like baby always cry when u lost something u dont deserve. 7 American should not Competition with us. We are not ur enemy .

  17. It's The US constant provocation that caused Beijing to bulk up The massive PLA into the biggest military that ever existed in Asia.
    And Washington's main goal is to penetrate intervention in Asia.
    Without The US constant interference in that region, Beijing would have decreased it's budget.
    And that's the awesome truth and the truth hurts.

  18. Besides sending 2 to 3 aircraft carriers groups to SCS, the US has long set up military bases in Guam, Hawaii, Japan, Philippines and Vietnam. Hence China has every right to militarize those islands and do what she needs to protect their national security. "Freedom of navigation" is just a modern term for Invasion of your sea. Just like "Colonization" in the olden days which is actually an "Invasion" of your sovereign land. Even a child is smart enough to know that.

  19. China is now admitting that they lied to the world and their neighbors when they said that they would never put military equipment on these sand piles. So much for anything you might want to believe from China's mouth. I would drop a nuke on these sand piles and tell China sorry it was a mistake.

  20. CHINA hulata ang gaba sa Ginoo i tsunami rmo dha sa West Philippine Sea.😈😈😈😈😈

  21. If china could do anything they would of already have stopped our FON operations.
    But of course china is a paper dragon and weak

  22. china has no right in south china sea because they dint have any any proven historic document related to south china sea and they are farfar away to there shore which is he is a member of law of the sea agree to its law

  23. Which international laws allow China talking about? International court have stated that those islands and water not belonged to China, but China ignored the decision of international court, then now No body understands what international law allows that China talking about

  24. Chinese communist ,Pirates of the sea ,island graber ,idiot mind ,bulky country ,country of china collapse,boy cot all product producer of all fake , and destroy natural resources

  25. Chinise communise liar of all liar, ,the party communist are all insane,,you are not strong enought , all countries conbine to destroy you ,funk chinise,greedy liar

  26. Taking too long. China is paper tiger. Its a like dog keeping on barking to hide their fears. That is their scare tactic. Bring all Navies from other nation and start bombing the artificial islands the commie built until it submerged.

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