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China Military threatens USA War in South China Sea Breaking News October 30 2015

China Military threatens War Obama USA Asia pivot in South China Sea Breaking News October 30 2015

October 30 2015 Breaking News China threatens force over South China Sea USA near Islands

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  1. Excuse me China is certainly the bully here as those territorial waters belong to.the Philippines. Let's tell the truth boys, China has a HUGE Military and they are the ones bullying the Filipinos.

  2. This is what happens when American Christians preach Christ was a pacifist and today's Christians are forbidden to act as radical as the Christians who founded America. Has Christ changed since the American Revolution? We have a bisexual muslim President who was born of a whore in Kenya. Did Christians fight? I mean really fight…like sons of God? No, that concept is far too fundamentalist, sexist, racist, homophobic, intolerant and archaic for the modern pseudo-saint. Besides, who wants to have all people including our brothers and sisters in Christ join in with the Liberal media and condemn our righteous actions as being evil? Why face the humiliating judgment of the world just to do the will of God and attempt to save our country? After all, Christ understands how difficult it is for you to forsake your comfortable situation, family, job, house, car, freedom and all of the things that you love more than Christ in the here and now…doesn't he?

  3. stop all war now . Politicians have become the crininals and the killers of both sides now
    Lies , forked tongue , twisting of words .

  4. this is the equivilent of them doing the same thing past cuba gulf of mexico, or west cost mexical waters or a anywhere near alaska.

  5. Very good , Warning American stop Obama silly act . which get our soldiers get kills .
    it is truth , next time China will jam US war ship to let us know, please back out .
    God bless all good people Amen

  6. I think we have given China too much room. Taking international waters and claim it as their own is an act of international war. I have no respect for them! Stop your nonsense about American being the bully. See what they have done to their neighbors.

  7. who is this commi lover? China has no right developing those islands. let them try to come up against us the most powerful nation in the world, it would be over in a week for them. we stand for what's good and just, as soon as Obama is out of office.

  8. Always smelling others ass*** . Time for US to take care of their own business.You can't trust in US…they give U a slap on the back and once you turn, they stab you. Remember the famous "yellow reset button" between Hillary Clinton and Sergei Lavrov and then the visit from Hillary to Gaddafi…after a week, he was dead lol! US don't have allies, but they want servants.

  9. None of your comments matter. Seriously, just wait what will happens next and preserve your intellect by not exhausting your thought.

  10. Why does this guy act like u.s. is the worst of the worst? Is he not from u.s.? He should go to live in China if he believes we are so bad! We are not perfect but neither is China or Russia or any country! We have made no act of aggression against China!

  11. hi,fu*k you better you two keep your mouth bully is china they just fu*king GRAP this is belong to PHILIPPINES you two ass hole

  12. what are you talking about what Territorial of China its a fucking man made sand of china in territory of philippines you fu*king assh*le-who its this fu*cking Guy its stupid

  13. guys, i want to declare myself out. I AM NOT FIGHTING FOR ANYONE, I STAY HOME. Politicians will start the war and then hide in their underground bunkers.

  14. let the game being what they did they will pay the Chinese kill 58 vietnamese soldiers unarmed the hs ts belong to Việt Nam they know that the Chinese.

  15. are w ego crazy please can we get alone with other people v,we need to stop this crazy ness and talk civilize this is a world on  fire.we should be getting ready to meet god at any moment

  16. This article is garbage masquerading as "news". China is claiming the South China sea as it's own, including big chunks of the Exclusive Economic Zones of the countries who happen to border their fake islands. Under international law an artificial island does not accord territorial rights. All the US is did was assert this fact. Sailing a ship through international waters is not provocative! You seem to be inured with Chinese Communist party propaganda. What is your agenda? If this totalitarian state annexes this vast swathe of territory it represents a massive attack against the nations who will lose their economic zones and an attack on international law, and we will all be the poorer. How can you portray the US as the provocative party here, when to all the world it is plain that Chinese expansionist dreams are the source of tension in this area.

  17. china will easyly fuck america up with out even try is easy to see and the real prophet esa jesus never said he was god so stop saying it for him fucking loosers

  18. Chinese Navy will build 2 carriers, 70 modern destroyers/frigates plus 60 modern submarines (10 nuclear 50 diesel) compare to S Korea building 45 destroyers/frigates plus 27 diesel submarines and Japan has 4 light carriers, 45 destroyers and 22 diesel submarines. With back up from the US Navy which is largest in the world with more than 12 super carriers, more than 100 large cruisers/destroyers and more than 60 all modern large nuclear submarines, China has no chance against allies. If Australia and NATO joins the fight, its all over for China. Russian navy might come to see the fire works to kung fu panda navy from the distance.

  19. Every country whoes economy grows fast ,is very dangerous for other…………….wtf is going on with the usa/isil ….are they mad.
    People of amerika must do a protest on the wite house of isil ,Other wise the whole world shall think that whole americans are terrorists!!!!WAKE UP <U HAVE THE RIGHT TO NOT BE SILENT !

  20. What a dupe, China said they would stop building the islands. But if China fires on any ship they will face not only the US navy but Japan, Philippines, Malaysia, India, plus many many more countries. it will be a very short war. I wonder how much this guy is being paid by the Chinese. China murdered 80 plus Vietnamese some years ago. They were standing in waist deep water clamming the reef. The Chinese opened fire with heave machine guns kill everyone then sunk a Vietnamese navel ship. These reef's are just off the coast of other nations that are too week to do anything about the Chinese aggression. This guyu is on the Chinese payroll!

  21. China is so riddled with corruption that it is just normal now. The Communist party says it is trying to stop corruption, but it is an excuse to get rid of political rivals. The corruptions does not stop with the military, it is rotten to the core. Don't count on there weapon system to work. The greed inside China for profit means the manufacturer will cut corners to save a buck. Any one who tried to defend the communist regime in China is either on the take or a looney toon.

  22. This shit started years before Obama became president he just happened to be president when the shit is hitting the fan. these people always trying to expand their territories I think it's call communism as far back as the early eighties but it didn't make the news back then. they want to bully the south China sea. from Japan to the Philippines because these countries don't have a powerful Military and that area rich in resources. example. Africa they came in Unabaided seized the diamond mines without firing a shot. gold mines and platinum mines if Africa had a powerful military and nuclear weapons. this wouldn't have happened. so the USA is right in what they're doing China don't run shit. so let the chips fall where they may.

  23. China is no match for the far superior American military juggernaut. The guest speaker Jeff Brown is a traitor, he will never go back to America for his Anti-American rhetoric. He should stay in his new adopted country of China.

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