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Charleston shooting: Numbers behind US hate crimes – BBC News

Authorities have classified the shooting at an historically black South Carolina church as a hate crime.

According to the latest FBI data available, over 7,000 people were victims of hate crimes throughout the US in 2013.

So, what does the data tell us about who’s committing these crimes and why? The BBC’s David Botti takes a look.

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  1. The first question you have to ask yourself is what is the FBI's definition of a hate crime? The second question you have to ask yourself is how many cases of anti-white crime have been classified simply as violent crime without further investigation in to the matter? I don't pretend to know what the real numbers are but these statistics are doctored and biased, all you have to do is look at the race baiting and fear mongering that has taken place under the Obama administration to see these are not accurate numbers. On top of that you can trust a single word coming from BBC in a country that has completely disarmed its populace.

  2. patently false. 65% of hate crime victims are white, 7 % are black when blacks are double this percentage of total population. Who is victimizing whom? And gun fatalities, not even close, violent crime? again… no comparison. Can you say biased and dangerously misleading?

  3. Whites commit 50% of hate crimes and make up 64% of the population.

    Blacks commit 25% of hate crimes  and make up 12% of the population. 

    If crimes were committed equally by all races, you would expect 64% of hate crimes to be committed by whites and 12% of hate crimes to be committed by blacks.

    However this is not what you find.

    Blacks are twice as likely to commit a hate crime than expected.

  4. Why don't they as a punishment send all these white supremacists over to the middle east to fight IS and maybe we can rid the world of all extremist creeps. They are really not much different than each other. Brainwashed followers is what they are.

  5. There is no justifying this kind of evil act at any level. My hearts goes out to the family and friends of the victims.
    We must push for the death penalty, if indeed it is applicable in this case.

  6. More liberal lies. It says over half were White and what looks like 25-30% Black. But doesnt factor in that Blacks are 12% of the population so their numbers are actually the highest per capita

  7. The actual and brutal fact is the no one, actually no one knows the other side of hate crime going on in all English nations. If this hidden factor is clearly understood, the issue wouldn't be a White versus other skin colour issue, but something between evil language codes and a divine language system, the planar language of English. 

    There has been many violence inside English nations, which have all be insanely mentioned as hate crimes. Yet, till now, no one seems bothered to find out clearly as to what is it that ignites refined, soft individuals to go berserk as if they have no other defense against something which possibly they themselves do not understand. 

    If the hidden secrets are understood, may be this youngster might even be declared as a hero, who had the guts to at least react, even though in all probability the reaction would be on the wrong persons and at a much belated time, from what triggered the reaction in him. 

    See this link:

  8. the victims families are the dumbest fucks to have ever lived, christians are so brainwashed, telling him they forgive him?  thats so pathetic,  im sick of dumb fucking christians saying sorry to the people that massacre them, weak bitches, theres a time for anger

  9. This video completely distorts the facts, and does not take population into account.

    Of course whites are going to be the offender a majority of the time.  Whites make up 80% of the population. But, your graphic at 1:12 proves the Conservative point. Blacks make up 12.5% of the population, yet are responsible for 25% of hate crimes.

    The real factors are in the total numbers of homicides, not just those classified as hate crimes.  Of those, Blacks kill twice as many Whites ad Whites kill Blacks.  This is despite Blacks making up only 12.5% of the population.  The most troubling stat is that 90% of Blacks are killed by other Blacks despite that small population.

    This is a signal of discrimination from the Left.

  10. Its funny how you fail to mention any hate crimes against Muslims, even in others you talked about some attack on a Sikh temple, does any one remember tht a white guy shot three muslims in a uni campus not so long ago?

  11. In 1999: Of the approximately 1,700,000 interracial crimes of violence involving
    blacks and whites, 90 percent are committed by blacks against whites.
    Blacks are therefore up to 250 times more likely to do criminal violence to
    whites than the reverse.
    Sad reality is that we live in a world run by Socialist cuckold fags who approve of black violence against whites.

  12. a lot of people here are deflecting and changing the argument for reason or reasons i dont know. lets please call spade a spade and condemn the action of this stray vehemently and not paying lip service to it.

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