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CBS National News targets JADE HELM Conspiracy Theorists

Just got word that Next News and other independent news outlets were featured on the CBS This Morning in a report regarding the JADE HELM 15 exercises.


CBS news footage used for educational and reporting purposes under fair use laws.

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  1. CBS just did the alternative news outlets the biggest favor if even in a backhanded way.  We are all watching!

  2. You don't have to be a conspiracy theorist or wear a tin foil hat to see that something is not right with Jade Helm! Wake up people. Wait until your car is stolen or other property because they have been given orders to commit crimes to "escape" a hostile area. Why the hell would the gov't approve their military to commit crimes against their own people?! That's just one example. They have no right to be on private property of citizens. The military will be going door to door. Just wait. You will see soon enough.

  3. Yes, trust the Federal Government.  Ask no questions.  Listen to corporate and state news outlets only.  Yep, yep.  Uh-huh.

  4. "I have no idea what he's thinking."  Well, let's see, Obama is a proven traitor 20x over, has sowed division and war across the globe and Texans aren't dumb enough to just allow U.S. military to come in our backyards to run military training excercies featuring "civilians" without getting upset about.  I know what I AM thinking, pal. I'm thinking your boss belongs in prison awaiting trial for High Treason along with just about everyone on his payroll and the cronies pulling his strings.

  5. Alternative media may be playing in to the hands of the Illuminati with a possible strawman type operation… Not saying they're wrong, just the timeframe…may be a few years out…If you know what I mean…

  6. The most interesting part of this story is that I had to learn about the CBS hit piece from the independent media. I mean does anyone actually still watch CBS News? Forget them, I have.

  7. They said that would never happen in America, but then it did. I hope my grand kids, kids or me NEVER have to ever say that.

  8. Lame Stream LIARS. Why are they having practice with actors saying "you can't do this I'm a sovereign citizen" Then the troops push them back with their rifles and round them up. THAT has NOTHING to do with foreign ANYTHING. It was filmed with sound.

  9. Any truth to the meaning of JADE HELM being Joint Assistance for Development and Education with Homeland Eradication of Local Militants? (I thought perhaps it was Extraction but what I heard is Eradication)

  10. we just want to blend in, really americans blending in with americans, some new wave army stuff… go blend in, in iran, or russia….


  12. Whether its the Nephalim Broadcasting Corporation, See B.S., Faux News, or the Another Bullshit Corporation, we are getting lied to and manipulated twenty four hours a day- Seven days a week.
    The really sad thing is that the public just licks up the lies being fed to them
    By their television programming network.
    Please get rid of your electronic brainwasher that sits smugly in your living room like some shrine to stupidity.

  13. Amazing amount of military for an exercise that doesn't begin for TWO MORE MONTHS!

  14. The murder of two Hattiesburg ms cops day before mothersday….Was it a Jade Helm false flag hit by govt. To promote war?

  15. Does anyone really care about what CBS has to say?  I'd like that vampire looking kid with the microphone to explain why FEMA camps captured on video by Alex Jones have the barbed wire pointing inward to keep people inside.

  16. Just a conspiracy theory…no need to get so worked up,guys!
    It's not like there's documented videos of military convoys and videos/pics of massive train loads of military equipment being stockpiled for this otherwise small 8 week long drill,and there's no reason to do any research on Jade Helm and come to your own unbiased conclusions 
    Besides, the government can be trusted and the mainstream media would not lie.

    Go back to sleep American Patriots.

  17. Alex Jones has to manufacture a reason to sell silver coins and water filters, and his Ron Paul / neo-Confederate agenda fits the bill. What happened to Texas? Texas has become such a brain dead state… If you want to focus on something, focus on something REAL, rather than this stupid Jade Helm garbage. Here is an example of something real:

    Focus on wall street and the Koch brothers robbing America, rather than these fantasies.

  18. I only looked into this because I've had so many come to me and ask my opinion being retired military and I don't see any hidden conspiracy in it, at-least from all available research.  Just military exercise and looks like they are keeping civilian authorities well in the loop in the process.  Should we not be prepared for battle on our own soil?  There are over 30 confirmed Muslim terrorist sleeper cells across the US known ready to attack on US Soil, I personally side with caution and preemptive strikes and would prefer to have our troops trained and ready for any such attack.  Worry about the enemy people, not our own troops and quit twisting an exercise into the final season of "Revolution" the TV Series (great flick by the way).

  19. Why don't they train in the poppy fields in Afghanistan so they can continue to saturate American soil with heroin as in the past? It would serve 2 purposes at one time and it would ultimately save tons of tax money.

  20. US news networks are now blatantly favoring government views, they don't even try to sound objective. Since when is military in the streets seen as a good thing? If this happened in another country like Nigeria or Iran, the same news channels would be up in full force masquerading as the champions of democracy

  21. They CBS) labelled it as a "conspiracy theory" because all the lies around Jade Helm 15 is a damn conspiracy theory.  The US military is not going to take over the southern states.  They are not going steal people's privately owned-firearms.  Here is how you know: this report stated that "operations will begin on July 15th."  So here's a test: has anyone gotten video of troops taking up stations on their city streets and seizing firearms?  Are they raiding people's houses?  Are they shooting at American citizens or detaining them in any way?  The answer is: "no," "NO" and "HELL NO."  If you see it – then post it but I know this comment will probably be taken down because you all know that these video's will not be posted.  They are never going to be posted because these things are – of course – not really happening.  There is no military machine waiting in the bushes for an order to attack – only a fear-mongering media group ginning people up with paranoid delusions in order to get them to buy more firearms, ammunition, "survival gear" and other crap they don't really need or want.  It's sad in so many ways.

  22. I've seen the word 'Police' sported on military vehicles, and military uniform in pictures. So, I guess my question would be, since when do countries send police across seas?

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