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CBC National News Features Polar Bear Cannibalism Near Churchill

Daniel J Cox and Dr. Ian Stirling are featured in a news story by CBC National News about polar bear cannibalism and late ice formation on the Hudson Bay near Churchill, Manitoba.

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  1. Extinction is a natural phenomenon and, in fact, is the rule for 99% of the species that have ever existed. The megalomania of "environmentalists" in this mad delusion that they can somehow control nature is simply breathtaking.

    As to the Henny-Penny hand-wringing over changes in land masses, homo sapien has been "adapting" to that since we climbed down from the trees…just as the Polar bears will adapt (and probably thrive in the long-term) as they have been doing for the last 2 decades.

  2. This is a serios business, when Poler Bare's are eat each other its a sing of Mother Earths rath, wake up people Globel Warming is Reel and will kill us all!!!!!!!!!!

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