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CBC National News – Calgary 9/11 Truth

The CBC National News did a story about the candidates for the 2008 Canadian Election and the 9/11 Truth Movement. Barrie Zwicker and Calgary 9/11 Truth are featured in the story.

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  1. Thanks for posting Nathan.

    I've sent numerous emails in support of Bev Collins to Jack Layton.

    I've also sent my thoughts to Stephane Dion for firing Lesley Hughes for simply questioning 9/11.

    The Liberals and Conservatives are turning Canada into a Nazi style country with no free speech.

    VOTE C.A.P.

    All other parties are for using your tax dollars to murder innocent civillians in Afghanistan.

  2. I called my Liberal MLA 2 days ago and told him he wasn't getting my vote because of his spineless leader.
    Good stuff Nathan thanks for sharing !
    Canadian Action PArty seems like they're the only ones bringing up real issues such as the False Flag event of 911 and the NAU/SPP.

  3. Barry Zwicker and Bev Collins are America-hating scumbags. They dont have a shred of evidence to back up their slander. No credible objective scientific body has endorsed their dishonest and stupid conspiracy theories. They are simply so full of hate for the United States they reflexively accept this nonsense. Jack Layton is pussy for not distancing himself from these idiots.

  4. If this is supposed to be some kind of swipe at Jack Layton it won't work. Most people know 9/11 was an inside job and more people will vote for Layton for being friends with Barry Zwicker. Barry is a great man.

  5. people, there is some disinfo here in this piece.

    They're trying to create a link in the Truthers minds between Zwicker and Layton, as though Layton is a candidate for Truth.

    Nothing could be FARTHER from the Truth.

    Layton is one of the Biggest proponents of the NAU in Canada. behind the scenes he gives lengthy talks, in Canada's equivalent of the CFR, about how the covert implementation of the NAU is going.

    Layton IS NOT on our side. Ask him about the NAU, on film, the next time you see him

  6. What is that power behind our politicians to make them shiver and redesign their truth statements? How does Big Brother operates in Canada and where is he coming from?

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