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CatFight: Megyn Kelly Vs. Sean Hannity

Two Fox News anchors are subtle beefing. Megyn Kelly recently took a shot at openly non-journalist Sean Hannity. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

“Fox News host Megyn Kelly may have taken a shot at her colleague Sean Hannity following Monday night’s debate when she subtly pointed out that his interview with Donald Trump was not being done by a “journalist.”

During the debate at Hofstra University, Trump had cited Hannity as the single person who could vouch for his opposition to the Iraq war. And then after leaving the stage, the Republican candidate made Hannity his first stop in the debate’s Spin Room.

Because Fox News normally follows debates with at least half an hour of coverage from their news team, Kelly may have been a little unhappy about tossing to Hannity.

“We’ve got Trump speaking to our own Sean Hannity,” she explained. “We’ll see if he speaks to the journalists in this room after that interview.”

After the Hannity segment, which appeared to be more of an orchestrated defense of Trump’s debate performance than an interview, Kelly once again picked up the coverage.”*

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  2. How people take TYT and these fools seriously is beyond me… Its really easy to see their bias as a news reporters..

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  4. That's why Sean Hannity has more viewers on radio and TV then you have all combined that's why more people listen to commonsense and not ignorance

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  10. Hmmmmm…. based on the irresponsible biased reporting from those who refer to themselves as "journalists" today It is correct of Sean Hannity to distance himself from the so called "journalist". He presents to the public fact checked and verified information. Cenk Uygur… you used to be a true journalist.. but must have sold out 🙁 Sean Hannity at least reports facts… you sir basically have become over the years… just a little shy of a gossip journalist and for some reason you feel your opinion truly matters. Take off your rainbow unicorn glasses and take a walk in the real world. America will get back to a safe Nation and despite the attempts to crumble this country in the past…. America and Americans will rise up and be prosperous again.

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