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Cat Thief! (Proof Local News Sucks?)

An FCC report explains how local news stations are not doing their job now that so many people are getting their news from the internet. Ana Kasparian, Michael Shure and Jayar Jackson discuss a local news report on a cat that steals from neighbors.



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  1. The cat takes toys that is laying out on the lawn or is drying on the the line, more is explained in the Animal Planet article. This is a fun story, local news needs those to.

  2. I think there is a shortage of investigation in news period. Then again I think twitter is a great source of news 😛

  3. @CHAOSoriginal good point, what do you suggest put cats on leashes? Or should tell our cats not to go outside our property, i'll show mr.whiskers where my neighbor's land begins.

  4. Is it a coincidence that a black guy told people to go rob other people?

    YES, fictional racist I made up in my head, it is a coincidence. Jayar just made a funny comment. Hopefully people wont respond thinking that first sentence was serious, on either side of the aisle. It was parody, having to say that makes this so much less funny… if it even was in the first place.

  5. It looks like live a block away from this cat and I've never heard of this until now. Local news isn't even relevant to people living in the same neighborhood anymore.

  6. Wait, someone was stealing cats? Or were the cats sneaking around stealing shit? Oh. A "cat burglar." Adorable.

  7. 1. True or not, that cat thing was king of amusing
    2. …but stories like that are why I don't bother with local news. It's not the real thing

  8. TYT mistakes "Human Interest." for "News." A Feel Good Piece to be sure, "the bit about the cat" is a self-parody. And evidently, spot on, as you took it seriously enough to critique it. Unless you are being wildly ironic, it appears you've missed the point. Your lacks of objectivity self-knowledge call into question the reliability of your ongoing commentary. Use the production values of the human interest piece as a model: copy, arc, continuity. Particularly the precision of the speaker.

  9. I really hate TYT, no tallent, not funy, really bad camera shots, just looks like shit, However that chick has some really nice tits.

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