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Can Robert Mueller indict President Trump?

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s team has informed President Donald Trump’s attorneys that they have concluded that they cannot indict a sitting president, according to the President’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani.

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  1. LOL… you fucking moron liberals still haven't figured out that Trump did NOTHING illegal, will NEVER be impeached, is YOUR PRESIDENT, and there was ZERO collusion with TWO YEARS RUNNING OF ZERO FACTS, NO EVIDENCE… and somehow, CNN still can feed you "breaking Russia news" every single day to string you along. I mean seriously, just HOW MANY TIMES can they have a "Russia Trump Collusion" BREAKING BOMBSHELL news story before you realize they are full of shit. I mean come on. Seriously. Just HOW MANY TIMES NOW has liberal media broke something only to have you dumb fucks have to realize there is NOTHING THERE. The real crime was the politicization of the DOJ and FBI under Obama. I can give you several examples of corruption amoung Comey, Clinton, Lynch, Strzok, Paige, etc… but why fucking bother… you liberals are retarded.

    Keep it up, the let down from this will rival the libtards tears I drank on election night when all the smartest libs and media peeps had Hillary by 90%… LOL

  2. Honestly, as much as I resent the President for the Paris Climate Accord I would like for him to finish his term. So please this shit to rest. He worked hard!

  3. In the words of Comey himself, if an investiagtion goes on for a year without charges, you have no case. The DOJ and FBI leadership were corrupt as fuck under 8 years of Osama establishing his people… all of who are gonna go down… the illegal and corrupt were, are, entirely on the NON TRUMP side. It's the ONLY reason I got up and voted for the first time ever… not only do I feel more that justified, the "swamp" or "deep state" or hell, whatever you want to call it… Washington and the Media are CORRUPT TO THE TOP, TO THE CORE…. it's more and more apparent every single day. The second special counsel is the one I'll be waiting for. I'm not religious at all, but thank god for Trump. You libs, in TODAYS time, are the same as ISIS, the same as Antifa, get ready to CRY AGAIN when the Mueller thing goes NOWHERE. You got NO FACTS, NO PROOF, OVER A YEAR…. and what, now it's ok to try and get Trump to slip up under oath for perjury???? That's acceptable to you assholes???? Just KEEP TRYING FOR SOMETHING right? Charge Manafort and Flynn and anyone else for years and years JUST BECAUSE???? For tangential shit that has nothing to do with Trump or "Russian Collusion"… that's ok for liberal trash right? What's next, gonna lock up Giuliani for not paying a speeding ticket in 2002? Or maybe Trump has a relative who was at a party once where 1 person was from Russia and they said hello, perhaps someone can bring up a picture from 1982 and Mueller can follow that huh?

  4. Do people here actually fucking believe this Russia hoax bullshit?

    It's literally fucking retarded.


  5. Look it up: bringing an indictment and bringing an impeachment mean the very same thing, and only the U.S. House of Representatives can bring an indictment against a sitting president.

  6. should know better anderson, oh wait you do, but you get your narative at 4am. Helloooo, were on to yall. Sing liar like a mockingbird.

  7. Trump might be a born pathological liar and conman but definitely not above the law.Whatever happened to no one is above the law? The arguments that president has too much on his plate so he shouldn’t be indicted is a joke.

  8. OMG yeah after Big Ears Obama and Crooked HRC are put away in prison!!! OMG talk about hypocrites all the crimes those 2 committed and not a peep out of the king of all Flames Pooper Anderson. Mueller is going to jail that is the last thing anyone should be worried about if he can indict. FOR WHAT ASSWIPES DOING A MILLION TIMES BETTER JOB THAN BABY BALLS OBAMA??? All the corruption that went on over the last 8 years and this POS FAKE NEWS NETWORK will never say a word about it! Sweep it right under the rug talk about state run TV FNN is the worst they tell you what they want you to hear. Nothing else same loop over and over 24/7 brain wash their Dumbass Listeners and they go right along with it. ROTFL you cant fix stupid!!!

  9. NO!! You imbeciles. Do you guys suck at everything? I have never seen so many incompetent low IQ so-called reporters before. It seems to be the new thing. When all this stuff with the FBI comes out in the open you guys are going to look like even bigger schmucks then you do now. More like trader schmucks. ❤️🇺🇸💪🏻

  10. I apologize. I accidentally bumped the screen and this came on. And my god what lousy piece that crap CNN is.
    A real stinker. 💩

  11. If a sitting President cannot be indicted, then we do have the area that one can be above the "LAW" that of which we "ALL" have to abide

  12. Well for starters BRIBERY IS A CRIME , and Donald Trump can be impeached on that as outlined in Article II, Section 4 of the Constitution of the United States ! Everyone knows now from Trump's latest financial statement just released that he paid Michael Cohen over $200,000. Stormy Daniels got $130,000 just days before the 2016 election to keep quiet about her brief affair with Trump, and although the statement didn't itemize what the money was spent on, that alone is damaging evidence among other things now being investigated. Of course the current Republicans in Congress don't care about any of that, as they continue to cover for their crooked president…. The Democrats must retake the U.S. House this November and although it's a much heavier lift the Senate as well, so everybody please get out and VOTE !

  13. No he can't Mueller knows he can't already found no collusion with Trump why is this still going on wasting taxpayers money? Smarten up CNN you are not going to beat this man!

  14. You DemocRATS say Trump is a dictator yet you want us to give him all of our guns?
    You call Trump a racist but Elizabeth Warren isn't?
    You call Trump a rapist but Bill Clinton isn't?
    Libs it seems have more triggers than America has guns.

  15. Robert Mueller, please end the witch hunt already. The only "crime" Mr. Trump committed here was winning an election, which the establishment to this very day can't digest.

  16. It’s a “guideline”, and not law. Not a constitutionally guaranteed provision. It would be up to the eunuch laden congress to end this global embarrassment. Those in congress have sold their souls and our birthright for their pathetic party loyalty. Their loyalty should be to our country and all of its citizens. Fucking cowards. Cowards all.

  17. The main question is whether Trumpie will get away with this or not…If this all goes down before Nov elections or January then he will get off scot free but if it happens after the Dems take control then he won't. Unbelievable that we are even wondering about this! GOP are traitors to this country and the constitution.

  18. Oneday You all will become Mhembe Van Jones, the black racist from cnn.
    Van Jones talks about whitelash an non of his college respons.
    Trump talks about MS-13 are animals,an all respons, trump said all Latinos are animals.
    CNN, PEOPLE DONT BUY iT ANYMORE.> Instead of misleading them You"ve woken them.

  19. FILTY DISHONEST PIGS.> Your Job as Journalist is to Informed the People, not Unformed.
    Denzel Washington is Right.

  20. They can't indict Trump because there is nothing there to indict him on.1.5 years and millions spent in this investigation and no evidence at all.If they had something he would already have been indicted.They spyied on Trump before an election that is illegal.Remember Watergate.Hillary allows the sale of 20 % of our uranium to the Russians and this is not a crime or the DOJ being in her pocket is her get out of jail card.Benghazi,4 Americans dead and she sent no help shame on all of you if you you give her a pass on this.Just think if your loved one was over there in that situation.Thank God there were a couple of brave Special Forces took it on there own and rescued the other 30+ people in that embassy.You have to ask yourself Hillary has received 100's of millions of dollars from foreign countries why? You think they were expecting something from her if she became president?Hillary was expected to turn over 33,000 e-mails on a unsecure server that was in her basement by subpoena and what did she do?She deleted her e-mails,bit bleached her server,took a hammer to all the cell phones and crushed theme.Folks this is also illegal.The Russians hacked her server and got all that classified and top secret info. on it.We may never find out what damage was done or people killed as a result of this if Hillary is not held accoutable.Then there was that little matter of Hillary and the DNC paying 12 million dollars to write up a phony dossier on Trump that never happened and this is what started this hole investigation based on a lie.You people better wake up because these things are happening right here in our country.If you are I did any of these things we would spend the rest of our life behind bars.Its pretty sad when the DOJ and CIA and FBI have more power than a setting President.This is not a country if we allow this to happen no matter who is in office.Trump is doing a great job so far despite the things there doing to take him down.Our country is growing and we are more same because of Trump.If you don't like lower taxes,lower unemployment,less people on welfare,keeping people out of our country that are trying to hurt us,and keeping us safe from our enemies by not drawing lines in the sand then just vote for the Dems.The Dems say they will raise your taxes.allow 30million more into this country and they hope Trump will not successed with North Korea,Iran and the far trade deal that is going well with China.Are you kidding people researth this stuff yourself we are being lied to by these Dems. and will loose our country if they are allowed to get back into office.

  21. No, he can't and that is why Liberals will try to keep this ridiculous investigation going on throughout Trumps 8 years as President.

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