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Byron York on USA Today’s ‘unusual decision’

USA Today editorial board claims Trump ‘unfit for the presidency’

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  1. Lol. Whats in it for them with Hillary? Had to laugh at the honesty part. PLEASE show me where Hillary is being HONEST.

  2. i just looked in the spam of my gmail, and all my trump newsletters/mail asking for donations was put in my spam…..crooked crooked left(i guess we really are losing the internet)

  3. People Who Hate Men Or Hated Daddy Are Voting For Hillary. ~Sexist~ who don't mind her taking money from people who kill gays and females regularly and also constantly lies about everything.

  4. well, when reporters show campaign offices empty, her lack of attendance at her rallies, the only thing left for her to do is try for Media/Hollywood.

  5. So what! Add them to the list as Trump maintains strength against 3 networks, 4 newspapers and a dozen magazines. The Democrat machine is just getting fired up. Start sending postcards directly to White House asking for Emailgate to be reopened. Start today and get a dozen deplorables to do the same. Include Clinton Foundation, Haiti. Three most viable.

  6. People are wise to the media lies. When a media source takes a stand against Trump, it simply encourages millions of Americans to vote for him. It's the same as when millionaire celebrities, who we all recognize as Hillary's cronies, get up on their pedestal to admonish the proles for voting for Trump, our reaction is to tell them to fuck themselves. The more the establishment pushes, the more we resist it. And when Trump gets elected, we must be sure to thank them for their interference by never buying their products, or those they are associated with, ever again.

    The people are on the verge of overthrowing the ruling elite and they are DESPERATE to prevent it. Don't let them.

  7. The Globalists are out in Full force against Trump . I would hope that Americans that actually love this Country as founded are taking notes as to who they are ? And no matter the outcome of this Election ? No longer give any of them their support or Money .

  8. Wow, USA Today brain-trust… Here I was under the impression that there were but three requirements for becoming the President. I guess you mental giants know better though.

  9. Donald Trump is the most unqualified presidential candidate in US history, any way you look at it…… Age, experience, intelligence, personality, honesty, temperament, objectivity, or s-t-a-m-i-n-a! The man is a national disgrace, and is a danger to the country, and the world. Except for Fox news, that conclusion is universal.

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