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Bye Bye America? #H1BVisa

Is the American dream over for Indians?

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  1. We elected Trump on a reduced immigration platform.   Well, President Trump, where is the wall ?   Where are the mass deportations ?   Now, we have sanctuary cities that give criminal Illegals more rights than citizens.

  2. First of all many of those, who come to USA with H1B visa claiming they are especially skilled, are not so in reality. In fact, many of those do not even have a good academic background in Information system or Computer Science studies. Many if not all, take few months of training and get into IT for better pay, thus abusing the system. Additionally, the purpose of H1B visa should be work and not immigration which is what it becomes. I think there is nothing wrong with what Mr. President Trump is doing. Govt will just have to ensure that loopholes are blocked and truly skilled workers do still get the visa which they deserve and they can go back to the home country once visa expires. At the same time, employers and govt should ensure that they arrange proper internal training so that US worker can obtain the high quality training needed to perform the job.

  3. Trump is offshoring work to India as companies can send Indian workers to India and pay them in Indian currency instead of US Dollars. All the work will move to India and the Indians can build a bigger silicon valley in India and capture a bigger share of the global IT pie . Also this would mean lesser consumption in USA and more recession .Thus helping the globalists in their agenda to destroy USA financially and make Israel the next super power.

  4. Mr trump, we can not tolerate this people here. Please don't send them. If you don't want them then just kill all of them

  5. Great that this is happening. The Indians moving to US these days are not the smartest ones. Those smart ambitious ones are staying back in India since the startup space is booming there. The mediocre ones get here and then they get their spouses who're even more mediocre effectively stnaching away 2 jobd per H1b. Let them stay back in India

  6. its about time, thank you President Trump! These Indians are depressing wages in US for all professionals not just IT Sector.

  7. Americans have every right to do that, everything have limits, we shamefully go there in mass number and take their jobs

  8. I am a naturalized US citizen, came like so many others to the USA from India 30 years ago, fulfilling an American company's requirement, and see nothing objectionable when America says 'enough'; the US companies will anyway outsource the work to overseas centers to save money, when H1B channels are closed. Trump is doing what is right for America and Americans.

  9. It's such a shame that the indians are starting to think that the H1B visa is theirs and theirs only and also that it is their given right. So unfair and selfish of them. While they claim how dumb and drugged Americans are they forget they it is these same kind hearted and trusting Americans who gave them these opportunities when these indians resumes are filled with fake experiences and fake degrees. They lie, snatch away jobs from us Americans based on those lies and feel proud and act as if they are better than the kind people they lied to.
    The H1B visa program or any other work visa programs should all be completely abolished. Instead American workers should be trained and given those jobs. Indians have abused the H1B visa program so much that they have damaged it for anyone else also. If such programs should be made available, they should be backed up with utmost strict background checking. This may be true for future opportunities but for now, Americans need to come first. It's been far too long that they have been giving away in kindness yet continues to be taken advantge of.

  10. Don't worry guys who cares about it..the companies will outsource it and do more layoffs my company is currently working on robots will soon go for live . who is america going to hire high school James ,and first grade Nancy or nurse Stacy lol

  11. I think it's good move by america,some one like sunder pichai and satya nadella should come back and establish their own companies in india, so that we won't depend on outsourcing jobs and could develop on our own by developing products rather than sevices
    Our govt should be transparent and encourage ease of doing business…In india

  12. Balls, Mint! The Americans don't owe us Indians a thing. This video is a classic example of over-dramatisation! I am a student in the US and I don't give a rat's hind side about this!

  13. Good, I am waiting for the day when NRIs, who act like they are superior to us, come back to India to sit and work amongst us ordinary Indians. Most of the Indians in america are talent less goats, its just that they got lucky in the lottery. I have seen more talented people here in India.

  14. 243 NRI scientists returned to India even before H1B visa announcement. We need some Bussiness entrepreneurs too to return. H1B is the biggest brain drain on India, Our brightest people are lured to the US on the basis of fat salaries So if they can't get into the US they might return and help develop a business minded environment here in India

  15. It seems to me that a real issue is immigration but I have a problem with deportation of contributors of society. I would rather deport a person who was born here and sucks off the welfare system as if it was their career. They have an unreal amount of children who are being raised to think it's ok to live like that. There are citizens who research the best states for welfare and abuse it.
    What a solution would be is take the contributing immigrants and fund their jobs so that they are in a failing city like Detroit or Chicago. The housing is cheap and needs rebuilding and repair. If they meet specific rules and requirements then after that time frame they are able to become citizens and move. If they don't like it, go back.
    Welfare is cut off after 2 kids. Make birth control available and teach these people to fend for themselves. My younger sister learned that lesson. When she was a baby she was delayed in her walking ability because we (big sisters) carried her. We had to be taught not to carry her. Yes she cried but she soon learned to crawl and walk.

  16. They are the highest tax payers of the country don’t be polished
    They are never burden for Nagy their children will be pioneers

  17. per Bureau of Labor statistics from 2007 to 2017 there were 10114 thousand (10.1 million ) jobs created in US vs h1b jobs is 2.2 millions so obviously H1B is not taking all the jobs (200 thousand jobs per annum / 18k jobs per month / if we divide that 18k jobs by 50 US states which is around 366 jobs per month per state) only 18k jobs out of 84k jobs per month are given to H1Bs not sure how H1B is taking all the jobs?

  18. Trump's nee motto ”buy american-fire indian"….. America just uses indian skill like tissue paper and throws in dust bin when needed,still shame full not to see any reactions from our techie giants sundar and satya..

  19. We are going to India happily very soon…..we want develop our country (India). My dear trump do you have guts then send immediately to our country.

  20. Yes It must be over. Indians can contribute their expertise to their motherland. Go back and make India great if you have the expertise.

  21. In nasa 30% scientists ate indian. When America reject h1b visa then America get big lose. America cant compet the world

  22. fuck these indians! You know what I need a high paying job! If I get the money I spend it here in the US not sending it back to my poor relatives in INDIA! MAGA!

  23. Skilled Indian can develop best technologies from India and take India to become next super power country may bit USA in future also


  25. indians that are engineers or scientist will keep their h1 status. the rest are leaving. americans can and will fill thoes jobs easily.

  26. these people claim that we need them. that they have the technical skills americans dont, you only allowed here because american companies wanted cheap many cases americans were forced to teach you people how to do their jobs. Good by and dont come back

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