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Business; As Car Dealers, Women Are Scarce but Successful

Ms. Van Bortel was not much happy after 3 years of taking the first price of the best care selling franchise of Subaru of America Inc., she came second this time. She lost that position by the difference of just 17 cars. But still not bad, Just consider how complex will it be for women to get herself into the retail car business.  


Women are now buying almost 50{110202e4b0545ba7d82f832dfdef697f1165b8ffb4f37afa9b7f9a509eaa0583} of the car and they are even on the way to buy more. The number of women buying cars is more than that of those selling cars. According to CNW marketing research, almost 7{110202e4b0545ba7d82f832dfdef697f1165b8ffb4f37afa9b7f9a509eaa0583} of all the jobs in dealerships are held by the women.


Women who are facing problems in managing and handling the customer interaction and dealing are provided a Car dealer CRM, which is a software that helps to keep in touch with the customers and their requirements. Car dealer CRM also helps in improving business relationships with the customer. While addressing the importance of women in the Car dealer marketing, the automakers have to think again about the designs of the cars.


Normally the sons take over the car dealer business from their fathers when their father die or retire. A very few woman took over the dealership business from their husband or fathers, but I think the number is increasing with the time. Many automaker dealers have offered programs and CRM for the minority dealers so that they can also propel and do well in their business.

“About 60 percent of real estate offices are owned by women”, said Art Spinella, president of CNW. ”Talented women,” he said, ”aren’t necessarily drawn to the car business if they have an opportunity to do something else.”

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