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Breaking News – White House Gives Special Press Briefing On North Korea Amid Tension

Breaking News – White House Gives Special Press Briefing On North Korea Amid Tension

U.S. President Donald Trump said his planned summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un might not take place next month.

“If it doesn’t happen, maybe it will happen later,” Trump said. “It may not work out for June 12.”

Trump added, however, “There’s a good chance we’ll have the meeting,” terming the preliminary discussions between his administration and North Korean officials, so far, “a good experience.”

Trump also said of Kim that “I think he’s absolutely serious” about the planned talks.

Trump, speaking in the Oval Office alongside South Korean President Moon Jae-in, explained, “There are certain conditions that we want. I think we will get those conditions.”

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  1. It's sad like they don't want the people to know no then will will see what happens with the next election because this is a dam joke and I am a Trump supporter all the way but why does this lady act like She is hiding every thing

  2. Sarah really knows how to get communists mad, they just can't handle her, they want her to expose every plan of this administration like Obama did, is not gonna work with this lady, she is an American eagle, she won't back down to the leftist communists

  3. Trump and Kim Jong UN should hit it off they are the same person exactly really same mind ,same physicality's same monstrous souls ,I pray that hell is real every time I hear of there crimes I pray that hell is real .,

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  5. if she can't comment on anything or doesn't know the what the fuck is the point of this stupid meeting

  6. They hold these press briefings for our entertainment. Thank you white house for letting us see how foolish the press has become. 👍

  7. How many press briefings with this devil..all they do is try to pump fear into people. Jesus Christ is the Only way the truth and the life! 👍 u devils arent goin to win …these soulless evil demons always with theyre fear mongering 😕 who cares

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  11. These scums are not asking questions to enlighten we the people they are trying to create scandles , they could careless about anything other than getting anything they can attack our President with !

  12. These are jackals who don't care about the American people their job right now is to destroy the potus.

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