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BREAKING NEWS: US is committed to rule of law in South China Sea, Mike Pompeo tells Asean

✅ Top Stories Today – US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Friday said Washington was committed to rule of law in the South China Sea and wanted to move ahead with more investment in the Indo-Pacific region.
Pompeo also told a gathering of top diplomats from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations in Singapore that Asean had been the top destination for US investment in Asia.
“The US is a Pacific nation and we remain committed to Asean centrality under our Indo-Pacific strategy,” Pompeo said.
He added that the US would support Asean efforts to promote peace in the region.
“On security, we appreciate Asean’s ongoing efforts to promote peace and stability in the region, support the rule of law in the South China Sea and to strictly enforce sanctions on North Korea,” he said.

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  1. Yes, The US must step up and take more responsibility on SCS dispute.
    USA is the one the only who can deter China's shamelessly greedy, wicked, cunning arrogation in SCS.

  2. If south china sea has any relationship with USA…American military force in Bay of Mexico is a threat to china…
    America never knows what is fair…
    America has already controlled the Pacific Ocean…Now it want to control south china sea..

  3. If the World do not follow Rule of Law,the Jungle Law will Dominate,it is up to the World to choose.

  4. Rule of Law??? Hahaha….. Only when it suits US…… !!
    Where was their rule of law when they went against International Community and staged the war against lRAQ and destroyed a Whole nation!!!?
    Fools and Boot lickers with a half-brain will do anything US says…. Absolutely no back-bone!!!

  5. SCS has a lot of resources and it is a big , nice cake for China and Asean countries. US shall get out and stop making trouble and creating hatred.

  6. Western powers just watched china claim the whole sea and started building unsinkable carriers in the area and militarizing them. China is the product of western capitalist greed, china became what it is today because of them and now its biting them in the arse.

  7. Why South China and not Libya, Iraq, Somalia etc. Worst atrocities in this world carried out by US and Fake Israel.

  8. hahaha…what a hypocrite…US should sign the agreement of UNCLOS and be a member before you have the legitimate rgiht to voice out what is rule of law…

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