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BREAKING NEWS: US Airways Flight 1549 Crash in Hudson

A news excerpt of the reporting of US Airways Flight 1549 crashing in the Hudson River, New York, New York City.

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  1. And this guy says it's a "Bombardier or Embraer"

    And apparently they can carry up to 150 people. Must be some brand new model we just haven't heard about.

  2. The top 2 commends are criticizing CNN for their fact checking. Yeah, this is the network that reported that the shuttle Columbia was traveling 18 times the speed of light. Yeah, they're… they suck.. Fail is the norm.

  3. "@Jacofan5 They hit on regionals because they are "inexpierenced" ever since the ATR crash in buffalo. Even though most have thousands of hours.

  4. @Jacofan5 News people have a real hard time estimating plane size – remember on 9/11 everyone was sure the 2nd plane was a small jet when it was really a large airliner

  5. What a moron aviation expert… The fact of the matter is, unlike 9/11, he's looking at a relatively still and clear picture of the A320 floating… There are certain characteristics that indicate that the plane (I.e. size of cockpit windows and number of windows on the plane) is not a regional aircraft.

  6. Thats not a regional jet. Its clearly a320. How do these people get paid millions for their stupidity no matter how minor the detail is. Shocking.

  7. I know 7 years olds that are better "aviation experts" I new that was an Airbus the second I saw news line…. Nice MSNBC

  8. Nice that they could bring in the aviation expert journalist to promptly tell us that it's a regional jet manufactured by Bombardier (nope–it's a full size Airbus A320) and that we should be worried about the people inside (nope–they were already off the plane by the time the "expert" arrived at the party. Well done, fellas.

  9. Who else got super annoyed when they said it was an embrer or bombairiar jet! I mean your supposed to be an expert! I'm not even close to being an expert and I can immediately tell that that's an A320! Also I have know idea how to spell either of those jet types can someone please correct me😫

  10. 0:49 "New York City Fire Department boats" Oh man. first off, they're coast guard boats. Second, it's FDNY, not NYCFD, like really? And third, if they were FDNY, they'd be called fireboats. Good grief

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