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Breaking News – U.S State Dept. Take On N.Korea’s Denuclearisation Talk During Press Briefing

Breaking News – U.S State Dept. Take On N.Korea’s Denuclearisation Talk During Press Briefing

North Korea is reportedly willing to hold talks on denuclearization in exchange for security guarantees from the U.S.

If true, the development marks a fresh milestone in the global quest to reduce tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

Following a two-day visit to the North by South Korean envoys — the latest chapter in peace efforts between the two neighbors — the head of the Southern delegation Chung Eui-yong said on Tuesday that the reclusive regime expressed a “willingness to denuclearize the Korean peninsula.”

But that’s only if “the military threat to the North was eliminated and its security guaranteed,” Chung noted.

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  1. North korea like china character and attitude,, can't trusted them like china,, they do that before until they finished the nuclear facility..check the facilities if nokor are sincere allowing to check quickly or else they hiding and transfer all missiles to china.

  2. Американские идиоты , а с чего вы взяли что северной Корее нужны в посредника дебильные американцы ?!


  4. This is just a lie for Americans to feel safe this will never happen north Korea leader will never give up his nukes this b's news.

  5. The treat is not going to be n korea only, but China will get envolved , russia will jump too and maybe iran + terrorists may take advantages of such actions , I think it s better talk for peace than to start a all out war with nukes and all kind of weapons , a war at this era is not going to be like old times , there are many technologies around the world ,unfortunately easy to get them at black market.if we want to make it it s time to talk not to fight .

  6. China is always backstabbing every one ..and China has nk back's just a set up..or with our lying government it could be a false flag it blame war on someone else..out government if famous for false flags …I don't trust and B's government…

  7. To be honest you have to go further back than the 70s you have to go back all the way to the original Korean war which was 70+ years ago that is how long do United States has been in a state of war with North Korea there has only been a cease-fire an armistice agreed-upon that is all there has been a technical state of war between North Korea and the United States since then so technically the war is already begun there is only A cease-fire that is all hostilities can resume legally at anytime between United States and North Korea these past 70+ years the United States has been playing the political game with them to try and peacefully bring this conflict to an end that has not happened due to North Korea and their actions and that’s the key here their Actions and their lies because they do not keep their word they have done things like this to try and so for peace time and time again just to go back on their word and do the exact opposite this is nothing more than a ploy there will be war

  8. Gotta love the wool they use to blind from the truth. Oh.. wait their is no truth just a bunch of scripted BS

  9. Between nukes, Yellowstone​,and magnetic pole shifts I truly can say we are all FUCKED either way we look at it all….

  10. Kim Jung Un: We will Denuclearized no need for inspectors, my word is law, trust me when I say we denuclearize nobody can say otherwise. Now I want more of my relatives into Samsung and Wanda Group and my Panda pouch Kimpachi as the new Samsung mascot.

  11. I would like to hope this will work out without war for the fact that so many innocent people would Parish. But, Kim Jon un is a psychopath that imprisons and murders his own people. I believe he's just buying time. He's showing one hand with hope while his other hand is winding up to swing. I pray there's no war but like many other people I would love to see the massive amount of military power that would be used all at once to shut him down. That would be a sight to see!

  12. Just like the Ebola scare, AS soon as they frauds and warlords get their funds, It all vanishes until next funding season. What a circus show and criminal in all aspects. Now Russia, China and Iran are jumping on the exploit Americans tax dollar Train, and we are to stupid to see this constant FRAUD and TAX blood suckers.

  13. The USA is a comedy.who try to look good as possible in the world stage,but we all know,it a fail State.witj zero a tragedy on every conflict they get into.

  14. Kim jung-un- don't trust the americans!
    They rolled Gaddafi, Hussein and the only reason the US hasn't instigated regime change in the DPRK is due to it's nuclear deterrence.
    Stop the provacative joint US and sth Korea military exercises,stop meddling in Korean affairs and get off the peninsula.

  15. Korea will reunite despite u.s, japan, china and russia. Moon has taken charge unlike some of his predecessors who were u.s. lackies.

  16. No way we should fall for this just a week ago they said they have plans of sending nuke to the US at the end of this month. This is a deversion to buy time then they along with China will blow us off the map.

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