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Breaking News – U.S. Begins Inner Mars Exploration With NASA InSight Spacecraft Launch (TTM)

Breaking News – U.S. Begins Inner Mars Exploration With NASA InSight Spacecraft Launch

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  1. you people believe this shit like transmits info from mars to earth and yet my state of the art Wi-Fi wont fucking work?

  2. What a waste of money. Every homeless person in the U.S. can be fed ,sheltered and educated for life. Plus our infrastructure can be refurbished and keep our borders safe. And much more.I thought people at NASA was smart. NASA should just look for meteors and comets and to divert them from the planet we live on.I guess what happen on Jupiter a few years ago did not teach them a lesson. So much for rocket science.

  3. Just found out the Mars probe is a Noah's Ark it is loaded with DNA of everything on our planet. Now she knows we are doomed

  4. All bullshit America, applying a video in front of the Rockets So the American people May Witness NASA breaking from the Dome

  5. 咦,,,哪黄黄的球体是,,,又有根哪个,,,難怪急登尋嫦娥,,,会習惯吗地球,,,哪怎留哪根在黄球上,,,太重,,,?。

  6. Does this have any military application to kick the Chinese and Russians? If not, scrap it. We need to focus our efforts on destroying the Chinese and Russians and stop horsing around.

  7. idiots for spreading NASA lies, when you know dam well they have admitted that we, to date, have never gone above our stratosphere, basically, oh, and they can't go back to the moon cause the dog ate their notes

  8. Ted Gordon I agree with you our Earth 🌏 have so many ppl need job/home/foods/ & Earth it’s self need repair ,do there go to mars after destroy many thing on earth?, god know alien on mars might already been defeated by other alien from somewhere else ,should build the earth to be better place not try leave behind

  9. If we can't get them on Earth we gonna get them in the Earth air👏🇺🇸🙏sounds like a plan let's clean up the planet and learn a few lessons too.

  10. Go to Mars? Nasa must be deluded. Even Tesla couldn't get to space, what makes you think you can get to space? Wake up Nasa!

  11. You can't even take a picture of the earth with your freaking iPhone from the space station and you think you can get to Mars. ..really?

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