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BREAKING NEWS – Trump pulls US Out Of Iran Nuclear Deal – Full Speech

✅ Top Stories Today – President Donald Trump announced Tuesday the U.S. is pulling out of the landmark international nuclear accord with Iran,
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  1. dont let no idiot s in dem party make you feel like u didnt do right thing cause u did your the MAN

  2. Have any of you really read the Iran deal that Obama made Iran was going to develop nukes no matter what and the world was going to support them you people really need to do your homework before you start talking your s***

  3. The USA, where truth, justice, democracy, and the American way just died. I can't believe this stupidity. I am not an American, thus I can't do anything to stop your government, and so far you the people have failed miserably. STOP THIS PLEASE.

  4. In general, nuclear weapons should be banned by countries like Iran to acquire . Trump is 110% correct. There is no way it's right for Iran or any nation like poor Iran with no technologies to manage such dangerous material in a long time stretch. It's like Nigeria acquiring that rubbish God forbid. Nigeria should stop the Russia building Nuclear energy for that God's nation. . I wish the entire world will do away with that nuclear material. It's really a dangerous thing to acquire. How on earth God allowed us to use it for medicine and space exportation!

    Iran should develop other things like agriculture,finding better ways to relate with its neighbours than threatening them. Also should dump the idea of acquiring such dangerous material which will do Iran no good. Every dick and harry in Middle East will want to have it as it will disabilise the region. I am 200% sure that Saudi Arabia will be the 1st to follow then others. Then where is the peace? All the suni nations and all shiat nations in that area will be thrown into turmoil. They all will see the acquisition a crazy and dangerous path to pursue peace which is totally leading to doom in middle east and even afar . It will never be same should Iran acquire nuclear weapon. No way should Iran be allowed to have nuclear weapon. Not going to happen. The entire middle east will change to worse. I am really gutted that Russia etc want a nation like Iran to have such knowing the dangers involved in keeping such. Consider the case of fukushima etc that had sunami etc as you know what the area look like now. Please peace in the middle east without nuclear weapon. Very very bad.

  5. Cant believe the backward talk… iran fighting isis and kicking ass.. its war everyone but we knew already from general Wesley Clark old videos …

  6. Listen there's no reason we should be paying Iran any money so don't say sounds like George Bush fuck Iran and fuck George Bush George Bush took the fucking towers down in order to start a war Trump is stopping the bribery money

  7. Israels David destroyed Golaith with a sling shot. how the mighty one fell to a smaller foe. Well Palistinians now have the slingshots so learn from your history Israel. Might is not always right.

  8. Hey Americans – get uniforms on – another war for you to fight in name of UK :)) This is so funny one country after the other becomes enemies of USA – and most USA people still can't see that they are used as army for destruction in name of UK and Israel. Less jobs more soldiers – there are still many countries to have as enemies and to put USA sanctions on :))) Can't wait till US dollar will crash to see what will happen to USA when all these countries will pay back for all what have been done to them by USA – just saying – as only fool can still believe these lies which we are going through for years Iraq Libia Africa Afganistan Syria Turkey China Russia etc. and more all enemies of USA

  9. This is dejavu, didn't we hear similar BS. in 2001? Seems like he's ready to repeat the mistakes of Bush Jr. with all the suffering that it brought to all the parties involved! When will we ever learn???? Isn't there enough suffering already in this world?? Looks like Trump prefers war to peace! What an enemy of mankind! and they want to nominate this guy for the Nobel Peace prize? God help us!!!!!

  10. Americans
    Its time to wake up now and see that your schizzophrenic president is nothing more than a slave from the Jews.
    Their next step is to dragging the Americans in a next war and send you Americans in to death again.
    More and more Countries become your enemy!

  11. I agree with our president 100% that deal was retarded and the ones that made it Obama was the worst president in history

  12. Absolute idiot. They dont support the Taliban or AlQaida. They are not enriching uranium. Now they will be again within weeks.
    Reminds me of 2005 when Gerorge Bush ripped up the deal with NK who had closed there reactor. Look at the end result. Nothing ever changes. The Rogue Criminal Cowboys of the world are back in town.

  13. I am American and I want us out of the Middle East and anywhere else we are not supposed to be now I understand in some countries we still have bases because of agreements made after WW2 but let's not get envolved in anymore civil wars you know we had our own civil war and we had to go through it to figure out what kind of country we were going to be so with that being said they need to go through there own civil wars to figure out themselves can't make everyone be like USA that is not how the world works.

  14. I like to hear all your gutless cowards whine and complain. You wouldn't defend your wife if she was being raped before your eyes or your daughter being maimed. Go play with Kerry and Obozos lying thieving asses. We got a nation of sniveling cowards.

  15. Destroy Obama and his NWO legacy in one blow. The AntiChrist of the New Jews World Disorder is fallen down. Deep State, Shadow Government, Jews/Israel, Synagogue of Satan and their Warmongers are running to their caves and bunkers deep in the mountain and underground right now… They are leaving the earth. Thank God. Please save the good and destroy the evil I pray in Jesus Christ His Holy Name, Your Beloved Son, and Our Lord, Our God and Our Savior.

  16. Zionist Jews pulling the strings and we watch our puppet president dance. The Script and dance comes from ; The Protocols of Zion, The greater Israel Project and the Talmud. If you want to know how we non Zionist will be treated if the Zionists get their way? Look no further than the plight of the Palestinian peoples. Is that what you want for your Children's future?

  17. @Martins Hacks
    You are entitled to your opinion. That it what I served in The Corps for, so people like you can say what you want without fear of consequences.
    Now to all my fellow Americans – Do you remember October 23, 1983? This was the morning us Marines were attacked in Beirut, and this was backed by Iran. Just a few years ago they took hostage some Naval personal because of the ROE rules of engagement under Obama. In case the civilians don't know the Military suffered what we call a purge of senior Officers never experienced before in America, and we are glad he's gone and welcome President Trump with open arms.
    He is right the deal is flawed ! Just like so many things Obama did.

  18. I don’t think Trump knows the difference between Sunni and Shiite Muslims. Between the violent Wahabi Muslims of Saudi Arabia ( Sunni Extremists) and the rest of the 99.5% Sunni peaceful Muslims who condemn the Saudi extreme Wahabis Muslims.

    The Saudis finances ISIS and rebel terrorists groups for d4cades. They maime, rape and execucute all infidels (Christians, other Sunni and Shiite Muslims.

    The whole world is fighting terrorism, the ISIS, Jihadists, and foreign mercenary rebel extremist groups.

    Iran has been fighting against them for the past many years. Yet USA regards Iran as the enemy. Iran has not made war with other cointries in decades.

    The Saudi supports and finances the ISIS, rebel groups, that imposes Sharia laws on the conquered enemy soldiers and conquered civilians. They torture, maime, kill, rape and execute both the combattants and the civilians. Yet, USA unashamedly supports the Saudis. The other reason is the Saudis buy $billions worth of weapons from USA. The Saudis and Israel are friends in persecuting the minority Shiite Muslims in the Syria region.

    Trump do you really know which is which? And what these groups are actually doing? I really do not believe Trump understands these distinctions nor the complexity of the real situation.

    USA will become isolated as Trump is isolated in the White House. USA unilateral action will incite the non-coperation of the NATO countries, China, Russia and any other countries in the FE or in Australia.

    These may signify the first signs of the American demise and international alienation. Or this maybe the actions of a US president under threats of political exposure or political corruption.

  19. Only a certain country believe they should have nukes, when you have a nuclear weapon you have control of a country without, bullyism united the only nation use it on a next nation, all nuclear are tools of satan and of destruction no one deserve to have nuclear n that's my opinion, God over everything..

  20. Nowadays, American wars in the Middle East are dictated by the Israeli government. That's why Americans are supporting ISIS in Syria. Wasting American blood and money.

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