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BREAKING NEWS TRUMP ALERT , Latest Today 5/28/18 ,Trump on North Korea Powerful US military is ready

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BREAKING NEWS TRUMP ALERT , Latest News Today 5/28/18 , Trump on North Korea: ‘Powerful US military is ready’
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Today : Monday : May 28, 2018

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  1. At 8:40 the guy says Trump got ahead of himself on the Noblel talk – Trump didn't bring that up. He was just answering questions. I probably know more than these pundits.

  2. President Trump something wrong with Kim fighting for this summit, maybe it's because he fought so hard at destroying AMERICA.
    I am a nobody compared to you but my feelings are don't go, he is dishonest
    DO NOT TRUST HIM. Kim has been in the USA before Why Can't Kim and Team come to the USA if he wants this so bad, see what his answer will be.

  3. Nancy what did kim do to america? It is american military hardware that is outside north korea which is an act of provocation. I know that trumps word means nothing even if it is put on paper, yet if kim says it then america watch out. kim does not want this summit so bad, he just want to take care of his people from the waring usa, he just want to feed his people from the sanctions of the usa.

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