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Breaking news today – Trump prepares for State of the Union speech – USA News

US President Donald Trump will pitch his immigration reforms and call for fairer trade in his first State of the Union address in Congress on Tuesday.
Trump told reporters on Monday that he plans to mention his success with the markets and tax cuts during his first year in office.
He added that an overhaul of the immigration system must be bipartisan, stressing that he will ask the Democrats to support his plans.
Trump is seeking funding to build a wall along the border with Mexico, while offering a path to citizenship for young immigrants who were brought to the US illegally as children.
On trade, the president said: “We have to have reciprocal trade.” He added that the United States will no longer accept one-way deals.
The White House says guests invited to the State of the Union address include a worker who will benefit from Trump’s tax cuts and the parents of girls murdered by a gang linked to illegal immigrants.
Trump is expected to highlight his achievements and policies in the prime time address, with an eye on the mid-term Congressional elections in November.
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  1. Democrats are they for american people?, they sure don't look like it. So much for taking care of your own, fucking democrats. 🖕

  2. I back Trump's new offer, seemingly yielding to the woodchuck on the DACA, and then getting specific on it. I think that Trump's new package will be passed by Congress, or, first the senate will modify it, and then it will still pass, in a slightly more conservative form. Of course, a more conservative form, would be much better, and I know so, since I know the future, much better than any other earthling. Many, although not most people, believe in the obvious signs of judgement day. Trump significantly believes in me, still, and I expect that he believes in, or is impressed by, all of the signs of the times, but he seldom or never tries to dump the matter onto media personnel, like a bucket of cold water. Does more than half of the conservative side of Congress, believe in the signs of the times? YouTube offers an extremely abundant supply of coverage into the matter, on a daily basis! So, Congress in general, should have believed, long ago, a christian would think. Congress can vote wisely, only through correct belief. Congress is not wise. Trump's offers had failed to pass.
    This world will now have three decades of war, disease and famine, to particularly include two and a half decades of conflict, more specifically involving Apollyon, the final, official, real Antichrist. Trump simply tries to prepare the nation and world for the future.

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