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Breaking News – Satellite Imagery Shows N.Korea Misleads Its Nuclear Facilities, U.S. Re-positions

Breaking News – Satellite Imagery Shows N.Korea Misleads Its Nuclear Facilities, U.S. Re-positions

In the highly watched Singapore accord, Kim agreed to the “complete denuclearization” of the Korean peninsula, but there were no details of how and when that might occur. Pompeo hopes to press North Korea to work toward a timetable to end its nuclear program and lay out details of how verification of that can be carried out.

But U.S. news accounts in recent days have shown pictures of what is said to be the expansion of nuclear-related buildings in North Korea.

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  1. Best way to fix Kim? Why don't you drop some bombs on his facilities and de-nuke him yourself? He is not going to go about this the right way, so we need to take care of the problem now

  2. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
    Come on man , what did you think kim would do. Trump is not stupid nor is our government. Trump gave every chance for peace and now it's time to TAKE DOWN THE CLOWN . trump played kim for just what he is . Now boko. Will be erased from the globe. Then Iran, Russia, china and last will be Syria

  3. All you guys shouting for war, I hope you're making these comments while sitting in a recruiters office.

  4. But you're not learning by your mistakes everything that's happened those are mistakes a long time ago so you should realize what what time it is like instead of going forward the ministrations going backwards

  5. Fck thos communist country. dont trade with them don't deal with them. United States of America Stop buying from them. specially china except them asian mamasitas 😋
    bring back "Made In USA" back again. we making them rich building their military. more threat to us. Make America Great Again.

  6. You think the American military would learn from their mistakes.They Couldn’t win against North Korea in the Korean War or in the Vietnam war 🤔

  7. So juts the USA and Israel can have nukes; remember that the only country that already had used nukes it’s USA .

  8. The Summit was Trumps test for Kim If Kim doesmt play the game Trump has a reason to handle business. Its actually a good peninsula to j2ave out military bases on

  9. Northkoria was calling for help evil took over the county and they needed our help god blesses every one not just America

  10. Do you not get it kim was held hostage his country was used trump and Q set them free we all deserve ro live our lives in peace and we all need to help each other live in peace id we take care of each other we will ALL be taken care off .think that is what Jesus wanted

  11. cover the left side of the screen and just look at the reflection….let me know what it looks like after a while lol

  12. Trump is a buffoon. If you just watch what he does and count all the times he just makes crap up Who lives on a daily basis to us, who paid his salary. My whole family is Republican and we all agree Trump is a buffoon, very low level con Man who directs his message at the most needy people in the country, promises that it will be like him someday. It’s just a load of BS

  13. The government is a idiot. With all this talks and bickering North Korea will be in full operation with its nuclear weapons. And when. Our military eventually get the order to strike. North Korea will have the ability to strike back making millions of people dead on both sides less then a few minutes. The US needs to hit them now not negotiate any longer.

  14. Wtf u mean service and sacrafices. He just stated we going to war whiling media hides he truth. I was right about hawaii. Im pretty sure im right about this

  15. Trump didn't want them to hold up their end of the agreement. The treaty is only temporary, and we need something more permanent. Trump has shown diplomacy and a peaceful resolution. Soon we invade. Soon Korea will be united.

  16. You were not even born during the Cuban missile crisis, I was and the meeting with MR dickhead trump is not even the same situation, this was just a summit where the teenager pulled the wool over granddad Trump you bloody Americans are so brain washed from a young age by your government, you can't even think for yourself and just turn into parrots and repeat things your told I would run rings around you in the history department you are fooled into thing you Americans have a mortgage on the brains department, have you ever sat down and asked yourself why is North America so hated by most countries

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