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Breaking News: Russia Will Defend North Korea

Russia speaks louder in actions than words and rarely ever gives away their secrets of what they intend to do. Larenzo with Already Happened has reported a massive military movement by Russia to the border of North Korea. The Tor-1 the first air def system in the world designed from the start to shoot down precision guided weapons like AGM-86. This is the latest train loads of defense system headed to North Korea’s border to help defend the Communist nation from the US.
CIA is on a massive man hunt for on of its own for leaking the Vault 7 files. So much for Russian agent hacking the US elections.

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  1. By God grace American and all his allied will not go down in Jesus Might Name. Any Countries or people that want America to go down, they are the one that will go down with all their Allies and families…I hope people that go against American should go and watch documentary tilted The World without American. And anyone that living in US or Europe's and talk against US or NATO,in favour of supporting North Korean or Russian or even China. Hope those will just move to one of this Countries and live there and stop talking rubbish to US again,.People in those three Countries does not have the gut to say anything against their President or their Leader,either they do the most worst things they will remains silent or else they face the consequences of it.God bless the US,NATO,EUROPE AND THE GOOD COUNTRIES AROUND THE WORLD. if Russian and China team up against the US and their Allies they shall go down by the Power of God Almighty. Don't abuse me am just giving my own opinions, but if you do your Sorrow shall Multiple. Those three Countries leaders they are just bad for the Peace of the world.Eastern Ukraine,, South China Sea,, Koreans Problems those three Leaders.

  2. This is as in the Bible."rumor of war" "talk of war" soon time for everything to come out isn't this time for the powers that be to tell us all. Must nearly be time for the Antichrist to show his face. I must say it has been a guessing game that's ramping up. God bless from Australia.

  3. Russia is being humiliated, and my hope was that President Trump would reach out to Putin
    Mr Trump attack on Syria has trouble me as well. So much for the Liberal left chanting how Russia help with the election so we can go to war with Russia. Liars, all liars
    God save us please!

  4. Russia so small tho! Their surrounded by ice they can help each other but neither have a chance Russia also has to worry about Germany bombing them ha

  5. It's so sad seeing all of these Americans downing our beautiful country. I'm not saying all is perfect, but this is our country. God gave it to us. Appreciate it, please. There are still some good people in our government, along with good people in this country.

  6. Sounds like someone has turned the Kettle Flames up a notch,,,,brewing them a big war.
    Money Masters must be drooling at the debt Nations will incur….squeeze every drop of blood,sweat and tears out of us.
    Father in heaven,blessed Father, forgive us,forgive myself and family,forgive those who are lost and misguided.,,,wake the world up and add glory to your name.

  7. No way Russia would defend N. Korea. I think China would go to war with USA for defending N. korea but not Russia.

  8. Karrie Murray no i don't mean nations with oil,North korea has nothing except coal,brick nations are controlled by the chinese royal dragon family,the western nations by the vatican,the US plays a sick game of global dominance,its to much to explain in these posts,but i would not worry about NK,Fat Boy is mad we took away his crystal meth revenue,and south korea does not want us to hurt their blood sisters and brothers,he is not allowed to wave nukes around like a baby,not even china and russia condone these actions,there are two worlds,one the civilians see and the one we don't,You are american like myself,but most american's do not know the half of it,we are the demons and nobody can stop this beast except the civilians of western nations,we the people need russia and china help to save this planet from western nazi leaders

  9. If Russia is defending North Korea then certainly USA will be crushed.!!! Go Russia Go……We want America destroyed.

  10. Russia and China will never fully align themselves as allies to North Korea because we are still at war with Korea (North side now) and have been since 1950. As soon as any country aligns themselves with NK, they immediately are at war with the US. A peace treaty was never signed and agreed upon between the US and NK, only a cease fire agreement. That is why there are several million mines between NK and SK. That is why both sides are on constant alert for an attack at any moment. If there is a conflict, there will be millions of North Koreans fleeing NORTH (land mines to the south) towards China and Russia. Both China and Russia do not want this to happen, so they are filling their boarders with troops. If anything I expect an ALLEGIANCE between the US, Russia, and China to take out NK. Both China and Russia do not want NK to start WWIII…..they want control of when this occurs themselves. My guess is that US and Russia will provide an all out air assault on NK's air force, nuke sites, and missile launching sites. Then China will invade and take the country with the 175,000 troops sitting and waiting right now on the NK boarder. NK troops will fight US troops to the death….but not China's army! They will lay down their weapons faster than Sadam's army when they see a Chinese invasion. Its not hard to see where this is all going. Also there is a video of China sending war planes overnight toward NK, they flew over head for HOURS…hundreds and hundreds of war planes. They are all gearing up for a war and kim jung un's days are numbered….especially given how he treats his people. Kim's top generals do not want to go down with him, and will become instant Chinese supporters as soon as the first Chinese boot touches their land. I believe the event of taking out NK will be a catastrophe and either Russia, China, or Japan or several surrounding countries will be nuked by NK. This will catapult the world into WWIII shortly after. But Russia moving military equipment to their boarder with NK is by no means an indication of them being allies and defenders of NK.

  11. Hi Carl: Ah……… there you are in the Celebes Sea near Australia. Trump said to the world that you are now in NK scaring the shit of the fatass Un. Are you sure you get the "North" correct invincible carl?
    BTW Why are your pilots jumping out of the planes? Are They scared of the DF-21 or the Su-35 with BrahMos AA and Khibiny?

  12. This is our military industrial complex lobbying our very persaudable Trump. Whomever strokes Trump's ego in the right way gets their way. Our generals have found that right way.

  13. Those missiles are for north korea.North korea is a threat to everyone.China are finished with nk the world has changed

  14. There is no point Russia being so close there, majority of border is China.

  15. I had no idea the arch of triumph Baal was re named to assaD? if so wow that corrects my wondering…please clarify if u can brother I would appreciate so much clear understanding on all this

  16. I think China and Russia don't want USA near them. What happened last time we were in Korea? As I recall, China and Russia fought against us. Now, they have the power to really lay waste to the US if we start up again. Russia moving S-400 to their border tells me they are protecting N Korea under that umbrella. Now then, Just a thought: The Carl Vinson probably turned back after those old propeller Bear bombers from Russia flew near Alaska and demonstrated what kind of electronic power they have to totally jam and damage all of the electronics of our modern fighters and ground radar to the point of needing a rewire job. Remember last week's news. The Russians shut down NORAD, like the Donald Cook 2 years ago, and when the Russians returned the following day there was no meet and greet per usual. Wonder why? It is possible the 2 Raptors and the RC aircraft are being rewired; now complete with new core processors and motherboards. Lucky to not crash with fly-by-wire and so many computers onboard. Perhaps they still have backup manual control systems and pilots that can still fly and navigate without electronics? By the way, didn't that F-18 Super Hornet crash at about the same time? Why did it crash? Just wondering. But I think we need answers before we get into a situation where we get a nasty surprise and we all suffer for it.

  17. Steven, you are the only one who is talking about this. Thank you for sharing. It's become obvious the build-up all around Russia, and now their southern border, to attack this country. Apparently, the globalist hate this country and Putin more than all the others. Putin & his country must be a huge threat to the NWO

  18. Steven, noticed the globe you use in the opening pictures. Many believers are waking up to the fact the Earth is not a globe., a ball spinning at a thousand miles an hour in outer space. Once one realizes the absurdity & silliness of that model, it is almost embarrassing, especially for Christian believers who have the word of God, which gives HIS model of Earth, spelling it out plainly, if you're only willing to look at it, from God's perspective in His Word. The globe model, a theory, a plan concocted by satanists to subvert God's plan for his jewel, our world. It's all throughout the Bible, it describes the world as flat. We've been so brainwashed, for the purpose of covering up God's plan. Please look into this. It plays right into what the globalists, the Illuminati, the evil ones are and have been doing to cover up God's plan to implement their plan. The believers need to realize when God gave Adam, and Yahshua reaffirmed to the people after His resurrection, the mandate to take authority, and subdue the world, it also meant TO SUBDUE Satan & his followers. Has anyone ever wondered why God could be so cruel as to cast them down into our world, rather than casting them out into the outer darkness or anywhere else than here? I wondered, & so should you. Perhaps God's power here is actually limited, limited by HIS own Word, giving us the authority in this world, meaning, He expects us to quit being so passive, to use that authority to subdue the enemy & kick his butt, casting him into outer darkness, rather than the Believers just waiting around saying "God's in control", expecting Him to get the job done. In actuality, it's probably supposed to be to us getting the job done by working with Him, releasing His authority back here on earth. Because, we are supposed to subdue satan, rather than him subduing us. It is apparent we will keep being subdued by wars and all these horrible things unless or until the Believers for once unite, rather than fight amongst each other about silly doctrines, unite to take on the big enemy. Satan is using all these smaller factions which we think are huge, using these smaller factions to subdue us, so he can take the whole world. Saints, let's not allow him to reach his goal.

  19. NO they will not. North Korea has missiles pointed at Russia so Russia is on the border waiting to take out North Korea along with China, South Korea, Japan, USA, Great Britten and Australia .

  20. Could they hide a war that has begun, and why? Cause there embarrassed they losing already !Could they already dropped a nuke in europe , lest it was a fake then on BBC the did , could the mistake an asteroid for a boom were about to know.Could USSR disable all radar for missiles. could and did lest BBC live was faking, Could the paijarians stop this in it's tracks , don't know I asked. It's not possible it began At night Easter . Thift in the night . I watch it and it was hidden ??? Got me ? BUT whatever . Watch carefully !

  21. Good. Russia should defend North Korea. Another innocent country who have never invaded another country being threatened by the US, a country that keeps invading innocent countries. Leave them alone.

  22. Yes i do believe that America is being a little too directive over the other countries, it think that America should be a little less controlling or have a dominant behavior things would be better for them, North Korea.. their President is a little too immature and dosen't know when to stop irritating contries, China is Just there building more troops and gaining income and Russia the President Vlad. Putin is just waiting for war to test out his Military's power, He has a lil ignorant side that says try and die (Im a fan) he is one of the greatest Presidents… Trump he is getting annoyed by North Korea its not funny. So who is right and who is wrong?…. America is Right North Korea is Wrong. Russia is Defending because i think they think that America is playing the bad people… How? for being the Law, all Contries Obey America, if you do Not do this we will take Action… that is what they r seeing us as… What should be Done About it? I think One more Meeting should be Kept with Russia and China not to Demand, but to see what can be done without starting a war…. but right Now .. War is inevitable.

  23. 11 Mt what a bulshit……the Iroshima bomb was 15 kt…….you are talking about a Hydrogen bomb mate

  24. If this war goes ahead and Russia help NK it will become a world war with europe siding with US, I hope for all our sakes this does not happen.

  25. I don't thank putin that dumb to fight the USA we also have a missile in the outer space to amid at them all

  26. Global military spending is aimed at preventing wars. it exceeds americas borrowing power logistics and intelligence. the best way to stop a war is to kill the president. u.s. intelligence have devised many ways to remove donald

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