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BREAKING NEWS | PyeongChang’s Olympic Countdown for PyeongChang opening ceremony | USA News

The opening ceremony of the PyeongChang Olympics will take place on Friday. This is the first time for South Korea to host the Winter Games.
Athletes from 92 countries and territories are taking part in the Olympics. That’s a record for the Winter Games.
Japan’s national team has 124 athletes. It hopes to win more than 8 medals, including several golds.
Russian athletes are banned from representing their country in the Olympics as punishment for the state-sponsored doping program. Those who have met strict requirements are allowed to compete as Olympic athletes from Russia.
North Korea has also sent athletes to the Olympics in response to an appeal by South Korean President Moon Jae-in, who wants to promote inter-Korean dialogue. In women’s ice hockey, the 2 Koreas have formed their first joint team in Olympic history.
Organizers of the ceremony will give away anti-cold items to the audience as temperatures could drop to around minus 20 degrees Celsius. They will also triple the number of emergency medical workers from the initially planned figure.
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