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BREAKING NEWS Out Of North Korea – Kim Jong Un Releases three US Prisoners After Pompeo Meeting

✅ Top Stories Today – BREAKING NEWS Out Of North Korea – Pompeo visited North Korea on Wednesday to finalise plans for a historic summit between Trump and the North’s leader, Kim Jong-un. Trump said on Twitter that there had been a “good meeting with Kim Jong-un”, adding: “Date & Place set.”
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  1. Looks like Kim blinked USA USA USA Kim's last request please tell my people that it's not from sanctions it's because …..I love the USA …hahahaha

  2. Yet again……… President Donald Trump makes obama to look like the donkey he was…………. GO TRUMP

  3. You stupid idiot Americans can’t wait too attacking you and any deal you doing with Americans will not be respected ( just look too Iran) soon Americans and Jewish will attack Iran and destroying it will do same too your country even us Europeans we don’t trust No more Americans

  4. Why now? Theres more than likely an ulterior motive..Probably get us out of S.Korea and to buy time to try and build nukes off the radar…smile to our face and stab us in the back. Cmon the evil fat dwarf killed people in his own shot mortar rounds at an uncle who was a top general. Not to mention china is waiting in the wings for us to leave the area and swoop in to fill the void.

  5. A door is open for in North Korea, US should focus on making said Country an ally and forced a Coalition of No., So. Korea and Japan to put in place a Joint Military Base for a long term agreement if not permanent – to establish a deterent for aggressive and invasive China as the later illegally reclaimed and built a man-made island and defy the 200 nautical miles for marine and resource boundary at sea.

  6. What kind of news is gossiping, News should should be based on matters that would progress, growth or positive implication and in terms of negative it should be directed to matters that is deterent fo the mb action progress or destruction and comments that would help on resolution and growth, NOT GOSSIP.

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