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BREAKING NEWS Out Of China! Philippine President Duterte Warned Beijing in South China Sea

✅ Top Stories Today – BREAKING NEWS Out Of China – Foreign Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano said that China trying to extract oil and gas from the South China Sea was one of several actions Duterte forbade
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  1. see..thats the reason they have built artificial island and put guards ..They are just (if they are doing that have already been rotten of unjust plans ..robbers, sorry how true is this!! If praying that you singkit with your Islands and guards be reached out by bombs of nature thunder and lightning and be destroyed and vanished!!! this is unjust unrighteous doiungs in our territory and you shall suffer tremendous happenings if this is your continues moves… in Jesus Name .. Amen !

  2. Fake news Mga bro may plano ang presedente ntin dyn f nakipag Gera tayo Parang Coc lv3 vs lv90 ganun naiiba ang presedente ntin ngaun kumpara noon magtiwala lng tayo makikita nmn sa gawa yan Diba

  3. I support president duterte if he goes to war with China ….I'm a Canadian and believe his country's land has been stolen in sprately island …USA and allies will back president duterte even if his allies don't see eye to eye with president duterte …and get what belongs to the phil

  4. Funny this western propaganda is lap up by so many retards. Let's get back to reality, and here are some of Duterte's famous and hilarious hits:

    Duterte aligns Philippines with China, says U.S. has lost
    Duterte says not at war with China, can’t stop Scarborough Shoal activities
    China has promised to protect the Philippines: Duterte
    Philippines can't afford war with China
    Duterte risks losing support if he gets too close to Donald Trump
    Duterte Praises China and Russia on Eve of Joint Philippine/US Military Drills
    Philippines president Duterte calls Obama 'son of a whore'
    Philippine Leader Calls US Ambassador 'Gay Son of a Whore'

    And finally, the winner (drum rolls) is…a tie:

    Duterte Rejects Trump's Invitation to White House: 'I've Seen America and It's Lousy'

    President Duterte said he could declare war with China over the dispute in the West Philippine Sea if his noisy critics would be placed on the front line of the battle.

  5. We don't even have enough rice supply in the country and people are talking about war so casually. Haha. If war breaks out, naturally there will be a frenzy over basic necessities. The businessmen will then take advantage of the situation and use the war as an excuse to increase the price of goods and so the poor will be the most affected. The rich ones can easily go abroad for safety while the poor will be stuck here minding the rubbles. War brings about death, destruction, and suffering. In short, war is a costly exercise and should not be taken lightly. So, don't start one unless…No.1 it's really necessary, No.2 we have made the necessary preparations, most especially for the possible consequences, No.3 we have a good chance of winning. If not, then diplomacy is still the best way, for now.

  6. takot si duterte sa china kaya nakipag kaibigan siya ehehe kaya friend na tin ang china pero person ng china galit sa pilipinas yta

  7. gera ng kung gera atleast mamatay taung lumalaban khit cvillian ako bgyan lang ako ng baril lalaban ako tang ina china yan.

  8. How da fUCK would them 3rd world idiots. Go to war with china? China would have them wiped of the face of the map.

  9. He go to war? Am sure Prrd hindi tanga/sinabi na ng pangulo no War/-
    Nku dahil lang sa island na yan?
    Nku sinong uguk ngayon china or phils.?
    Kung ang mga chinese may ibang banta sa island na yan,then mga insek ang swapang,,!
    Sabi kona sana noon pa sa mga aquinos,binantayan sana ito?
    Bkit hindi ito na check ng mga aquino noon?
    2 aquinos president was done in our country?
    Katangahan,at bobohan,ang kanilang trabajo noon sa totoo lang..
    Well mg pray nlng tayo na mawala yan island na yan god is grreat? Theres a miracle come..
    No to war,In reallity ang may ari dyan ang Dios Ama hindi tayo.,,


  11. America is not China ,USA might be vocal when it comes to human rights at the point of interfering with others sovereign country's issues , but they follow the rule of law, they never coerced or invaded no one.

  12. Well let China take what ever they want. Because at the beginning of Philippine President Elected said America not good. Why now you just understand that China going to take oil and gas from south China Sea sorry it is too late Philippinese.

  13. Too late you mental retard….your land and sea will soon be China newest Provence….I could not the phillipino ppl voted fore this mental retard Dutetre

  14. d totoo to.. c duterte walang bayag yan.. matapang lang yan sa mga alam nyan ndi papalag pero ung alam nyang papalag d sisigasiga yan 😂

  15. tweet: The govt must first send all Chinese national back to China and the Philippineans workers who are now in China must return to the Philippines immediately — before the Rumble in the Bronx starts. China has more war weaponry in storage vs. the Philippines just has a kitchen knife. Don't repeat WWII mistake — you were drag into that war by forced and they abandon your country in ruined. It's a political game and dangerous. Have the International Law Leaders handle the aggression with China.

  16. Philippines have their own sea territorial in the east of their country in the Pacific Ocean. Why want to interfering in the SOUTH CHINA SEA? CHINA Mainland is Sovereignty? Did CHINA went to East Philippines Sea to proclaim any territory? It is SHAMEFUL. Duterte you are a real ASSHOLES.

  17. China now surrounded by AUSTRALIA
    G BRITAIN France
    Israel south Korea Japan. France. Now at the middle sea turkey Germany
    USA now 7 battleship aiming to China Surrender or dismantle your all facilities in island and missile. If I were YOU for the sake of innocent Chinese people you may surrender now PRIME MINISTER OF COMUNIST REPUBLIC OF CHINAMr ping ping ping see. NORTH KOREA now keep it silence now and he choose is peace for his countrymen. Now is in your hand CHINA STEP DOWN NOW. No CHOICE my Friend

  18. Pilipinos where your pride do you surrender to China ? You are brave human being you have the got's to survive nobody tells you
    What to do fight for🎹

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