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BREAKING NEWS Out Of Australia – US Navy Deployed to South China Sea

✅ Top Stories Today – BREAKING NEWS Out Of Australia – US Navy Deployed to South China Sea
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  1. The 'Idiotic States of America' can deploy what they want, but they will do nothing. They have the pants full of shit and not the guts and backbone to fight a war against China, Russia, and its allies. They have not even the guts and backbone to fight the war in Syria, they finance and support international terrorists and let them fight the war. The us-ameriCANT's are sissy and whiney tranny boys with a big mouth, no money in the pocket, who suffering badly from the megalomaniacal idea to rule the planet. Not much different than Napoleon or Adolf Hitler, just on a bigger scale and on a social basis.😉

    Let the poor us-ameriCANT's play their sick and psychotic games, no one in the world are listen to them anymore, anyway. Hahaha.🤣

  2. What kind of American propaganda special report, major reports et al, and God all bullshit based rubbish talk is this?
    China is Australia's major trade partner, this is worth a whole lot more than America with its pressure-selling of war-goods that we pay for and seem never to receive. 72 F-35 Strike Force jetplanes ordered late in 2006, today's date is mid-2018 and we have only had 2 of these "well over a cool $100 million dollars for each) of these jets delivered. Then 12 years of waiting around while having to hand over $300 Million dollars per annum of our taxpayer dollars to Lockheed Martin for some sort of useless (but claimed as necessary) R & D reason, yet as one can guess there is no way that any Gun-blazing American corporation would care a hoot what the Aussies might recommend. I2 years @ $300 Million Dollars for pure Jack Schitt, totals up to $3.6 Billion dollars spent just waiting around for each of those 12 years to come and go with only 2 unarmed F-35 super-duper shock and bang Strike Fighters that are soon to be decommissioned some even more super duper magic flying machine, anyway most every customer country including Australia cannot afford to be f—-d over so repeatedly by the US of A.
    Then have a read of this fine US military recommendation: Australia you should sell your very capable fully serviceable F-18's and replace the lot with good ol' America's latest price bombed-out to over a $100 Million dollars per F-35 jet that ain't even ready for military service.
    How about good ol' America inviting Australia to become actively prepared in case China sends a sky full planes to bomb the bejesus out of Australia, us being one of their major trade partners? only a Tom-Fool Clown-head would believe that to be even remotely possible.
    To top this insanity the sub-intellect servile to America Liberal party politicians have gone and ordered an additional swag of 28 more of these variously costed military aircraft. I hope soon the Aussie Houdini politicians find out the maintenance costs to have this plane just take off, then fly a figure of 8……maybe a15-minute fly-about, maybe even plough into a high flying Pelican, then back to the Aussie Airforce base on the distant West Coast of our country.
    Australia's purchase of F-111's all those years ago came to Australia in all manner of crates and boxes of bits and pieces, yep we had to glue these bastard planes together. I have met the man who was put in charge of the whole enchilada of infrastructure to house and then fit all the fiddly-bits together, though he kept schtum about any all and other hare-brained military schemes.
    Who was it that first claimed that God bless America? He needs to go find a job he has a whole lot more proficiency there toward.

  3. YouTube Is prohibited in China…SO FUCK OFF ALL YOU CHINESE…Hey you cant even drive a car properly, let alone think you can out maneuver our Warships…Get back to your censored communist Dictatorship country and shut up before you find out what it feels like to be FUCKED WITH MY BIG COCK…Little men, little cock., big mouth.

  4. Lol… All they can do is deploy and watch…. They can't bully. China is the dominant power in the South China sea.

  5. Emperor zi is on a global dominence march,a formidable adversary.all nations should keep watch.china is hungry for all the resourses it can get.perhaps by force if the west wasnt present.

  6. China gonna learn the hard way. Hey thanks to them for building fake islands that we can also build them

  7. Australia is run by an ex-Goldman Sachs clown. China needs to put more missiles on these islands.

  8. No thanks. That has been put up many times. Always rejected by Australians. Any Government who lets the US have a permanent base in Australia will fall. US ships visit and refuel and do minor maintenance OK. Thats correct, our message to China has been confusing. We have a group of Conservatives in the present Gov. that makes it difficult to be consistent with them opening there mouth all the time. There is also a degree of internal Politics involved. China will be aware of that and should understand. We have had a bit of a resurgence in the extreme Right that never can pull more than 10% votes maximum. They did that but as usual internal division and corrtuption within sees there initial gains disappear. To be expected in the misfits that make up the Extreme Right and Extreme Left. They always destroy themselves. For that reason our Parties of the middle will make statements to draw there often disillusioned voters away from them. The biggest problem at the moment is the Conservative Anglo element in our Government has got a but too strong for thinking Australians. That typical Anglo Imperialist attitude takes a lot to kill off. The brainless escapades of Teresa May will help a bit. It is insidious. That Conservative Anglo attitude. It simply will never die. Talk about "bulldogs" . One saying that is correct in all ways. Pity bulldogs were not one of the brighter breeds of Dogs though. An Australian Blue is much smarter. An Australian Kelpie is really clever. Australian.

  9. How about having Russians,China,Pakistan,Iran,India and N.Korean Warships in and around US waters to counter US dominating the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean,maybe these will help them reflect their actions disturbing other countries,by the way,it’s called democracy,freedom of speech,actions and personal preferences,how do you think they would like that to happen.THINK!

  10. If these F ing countries want our protection and want the American tax payer to pay the bill. Then they need to apply for state hood to become part of the U.S. The countries have been screwing the American tax payer for years and want us to fight there fight while the people in there country keep there money in there pockets. And at a huge cost of America lives it time for these assholes to start paying there way. ONE FEED UP AMERICAN.

  11. Wtf is up with the robot talking do you find this to be a effective way of communication? It's annoying.

  12. China never attack anyone unlike the U.S the murderer. China is there to defense their neighbors from the evil americun.

  13. You bloody fools of politicians. This next war will be nuclear. Don't need ships or planes. Leave Australia alone. We have been fighting the rothchild wars for the last 200 years. We have had enough. Send NZ , MALAYSIA, SINGAPORE. WE TAKING A LONG WEEKEND.

  14. For World Peace Security Strategic position Policing, I believe it may be nevessary.
    Likewise, it maybe necessary for a permanent AUS, US military base w/ the coalition of Western Countries.

  15. China had completed its disguised marine exploration for economic development by establishing partnership with almost all the Southeast Asian Countries aside from Philippines.

  16. Basing on factual events and development and the invasive act of China by building man-made island and its defiance of the internationalright of marine 200 nautical miles boundary, china may have also aimed of installing marine radar and planned of mining the sea.

  17. You cannot trust the Chinese. It is a totalitarian regime that has no regard for individual rights. You a seem to forget China's 38 million hungry ghosts of 1958 under Mao. That's how many died. China cares about China and already has a 99 year lease on part of Lao. Ask the poor people of Lao how they feel. Australian NT govt had no right to lease port of Darwin to Chinese and all involved should be sent to China for the rest of their lives as retribution for treason.

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