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Breaking News : Multiple Fatalities at US Navy Shipyard shooting in Washington D.C. (Sept 16, 2013)


News Articles:

Police say as many as 2 shooters have killed 4, injured 8 on grounds of Washington Navy Yard

Navy Yard shooting: Multiple deaths and injuries; reports of 2 gunmen

Navy official: Suspect dead after shooting

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  1. Tragic. My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and there famillys. I pray for ALL involved in this terrible development. From myself in England may GOD be with you ALL and protect you.

  2. Just another false flag, Washington's defenses will be increased and they will try to mandate some sort of anti-gun legislation.

  3. Just would like to make a small but important point here. THe fact that this happened within the limits of WASHINGTON, D.C., which is NOT PART OF THE UNITED STATES, may give the government the EXCUSE to call MArshall Law. BE AWARE. EYES OPEN, NO FEAR.
    Anticipate what may happen next…

  4. I don't get the martial law stuff, unless the government scumbags means to kill and imprison to decrease the population by many scores!

    Mainstream Media lies to America!
    in 1980 American Networks were owned by more than 50 different companies.
    TODAY only 6 CRIMINAL GLOBALISTS own all News/TV Channels -all 6 Globalists have connections to 4,000 years of Evil, Illuminatti, Secret Society, "Skull and Bones",
    Presidents, including Bush,Clinton, Obama… PLEASE EDUCATE AMERICA go to
    USGroundZero Com
    + Truthful Media sources on the Internet
    Criminals have Americans by balls. War is all for Profit!

  6. sad because so many people (sheeple) believe this is for real… Dahboo7 has found 3 newspapers that reported this yesterday before it even happened… this is about taking more of our rights away

  7. Liberals can blame guns all they want – but guns were even MORE available 30-40 years ago. When this type of thing NEVER happened.

    There is an absolute breakdown in society – this is about when Democrats decided that it is against the rights of the mentally ill to be forcibly locked in an institution, and the RIGHTS of law abiding citizens to be safe from these nuts are MEANINGLESS

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