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Breaking News May 2015 Saudi Arabia used USA supplied cluster bombs in Yemen

Breaking News May 2015 End Times News Update Saudi Arabia used USA supplied cluster bombs in Yemen Breaking News May 5 2015

ISIS ISIL Behead Ethiopian Christians Persecutions in Libya Breaking News April 21 2015

ISIS ISIL Behead Ethiopian Christians Persecutions in Libya April 21 2015 Breaking News

ISIS ISIL DAESH Beheadings Ethiopian Christians Islamic State Libya Breaking News April 19 2015 Christian Persecution

ISIS ISIL Daesh executed 6000+ Iraq Bagdhad Ramadi Fallujah Anbar Area Breaking News April 20 2015

April 21 2015 Breaking News USA WAR ships dispatched near Yemen

USA Apache attack helicopters against ISIS assault Air Base Action USA troops closer to combat

Iraq USA Apache attack helicopters against ISIS ISIL DAESH assault Air Base Action USA troops closer to combat Breaking News February 2015

Arizona Veterans Affairs (VA) & CITY OF MARICOPA Elected officials & POLICE FAILURE Kills Veteran in Crisis January 18th, 2015, Johnathon Guillory, a veteran of the war in Iraq Afghanistan was shot and killed by police in the CITY of Maricopa Arizona. 32-year-old veteran left a wife and two children behind. What could have been a PREVENTABLE DEATH by CITY OF MARICOPA POLICE is now turning into yet another case of NEGLIGENCE Breaking News January 2015
Chief of Police Arizona Fired – First responders with PTSD National CRISIS Breaking News February 2015

American Sniper Movie Clint Eastwood’s record breaking about veteran Chris Kyle Killed by PTSD Vet February 2015

CANADIAN HOME BUYERS/SELLERS ALERT – City of Maricopa Cobblestone Farms Police killing Breaking news January 2015 for more information contact Cynthia Quillen 602-957-9191

City of Maricopa Arizona Chief of Police Steve Stahl STATING only one person has called the police with concerns about the shooting please call Steve Stahl to let a NOW silent voice be heard on WHY (520-316-6909)

Mayor Christian Price & Vice Mayor why did police officers kill a Iraq veteran who sought help for PTSD and the VA turned him away when for years had been asking for help – Mayor Christian Price (520) 316-6828 Vice mayor Marvin L. Brown (520) 316-6829

City of Maricopa Arizona City Council meeting Mayor Christian Price Chief of police Steve stahl City Council meeting

City of Maricopa Police fatally shoot Iraq Afghan Vet w/PTSD Mayor Christian Price Chief Police Steve Stahl

USA Combat Veterans PTSD Crisis Iraq veteran diagnosed with PTSD called 911 for help and the City of Maricopa police shot and killed him ( says need PTSD help call 911)

Arizona Vets upset Obama skips Phoenix TROUBLED Scandal VA hospital on visit

2014 Martial Law LockDown Never forget 1 Million US citizens Last days End Times News

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  1. What does this have to do with victory to "ISLAM"? This has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with their violence against humanity as Muslims. Beheading people "in the name of Allah" the muslim god isn't respectable by anyone that I know of, much less a deity.

  2. So great to see they chant so hard 'death to US'…but it's completely opposite. These 5th countries just don't fxxkn learn. Guess they do have a special God!

  3. I don't get it and your point is? You're a bunch of murderers so what is the difference between a cluster bomb kills more f** like you

  4. there no evidence , only some reports suggesting the use of cluster bombs , even if saudi use it , they probably used it on military targets and caves outside the cities and urban area , unlike russia , there is dozen of videos in syria , when russia bombed an urban area with cluster bombs , bakery and hospitals , why there is no "reports" about it?

  5. so here is saudi turd muffins violating international laws and do we see news covering it? of course not cuse they sucking US dicks ,im proud to be iranian.

  6. Saudis are harming our religion Islam and our Arab people. They are trying to create hegemony in the Middle East with the power of petrodollar. They have no right to interfere in the internal affairs of a brotherly Muslim and Arab country. It is hard to believe that they would use cluster bombs on innocent civilians but given the fact that they are stupid sectarian medieval brutal monarchy it is believable. Shame upon them.

  7. Islam was very strong and peaceful before the Saudi family,  in the era of Turkish Ottoman Empire , there was no hatred against any other Muslim or any other faiths.

  8. Now they are dropping bombs onto dead bodies and slaughtering those who wanted to mourn them.
    This is a very bad sign for the PNAC mafia psycho killers. They keep telling American's and Canadians it's a mena world out there, and that the American military/mercenary system is much more civilized. The problem/reaction/solution way of doing business has bought it's demise. God will judge them accordingly.

  9. so i see nothing is new Christianity is still trying to spread by the sword but they have upgraded to cluster bombs and they will still fail.

  10. Yemen is a poor small Republic , with a very small army . The population is of Arab origine . And the wars Israel is waging all over middle east and Europe are genocidal wars . They are aimed at the destruction of the populations . That is clear .
    Since the first bombing in Fallugia , ( chemical & white phosphorus ) in Iraq on Apr 2004 , the target showed the will of killing the most of civilians .( by war direct effects and by pandemias in a situation of total social exposure in a ruined country .
    And that is lasting for more than 12 years now , kept silent by all the jewish media networks !!
    . Wake up ! Jews won't stop before they are nuked themselves .

  11. April 21 to1 may 1925 mausoleums of holy personages in Jannatul al-Baqi Madina Jannat al-Mualla Makkah were demolished by King Ibn Saud

  12. fuck the rights they are only for chosen onez .. those chosen r reall terrorists . if Muslim defend rights jumps when west attack there r no rights so fuck the rights

  13. i dont like the effect I'm looking at, as you may know theyre all my other relatives its like it tried to erase me too and us, like Palestine said. thats the other one as far as I know. its like a low level effect that happens here too, in the west. I don't know what they feel but I haven't got any hatred to any of them, so I'm still foggy what its all supposed to be about.

  14. the good news is this war makes saudis bank rupt, there is no victory on horizon for them and they should keep paying mercenaries to fight the war for them and this is so expensive how long can they go on with oil price at its lowest level in last twenty years

  15. Saudi family is a " poor " instrument in the hands of the Rothschild world dictatorship . They have no choice but obeiing the Rothschild holding . The oil emperor can't tolerate any freedom by it's concurents . And as the today's goal of ROthschild project is the desstruction of all the Peoples of Islam ( all the population must be destroyed ) the Saudi has become the most useful tool in this purpose .

  16. I agree the Saud regime are heartless, inbred sons of jackels. Now, let's remember the history of Russia's actions in Afghanistan and Chechnya.

  17. Saudi Hebrew is the biggest problem the Muslim world is facing today, by far worse than America and Israel combined.

  18. Meanwhile, a US senator halted the sale of a few million dollars of rifles to the Philippine National Police because of Human Rights concern.

    But selling the Saudis highly destructive munitions is just ok.

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