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BREAKING News July 15 2018 USA soldier killed Afghanistan Christopher Andrew Celiz on 7th deployment

BREAKING 2018 Second USA soldier killed in Afghanistan in one week Sergeant First Class Christopher Andrew Celiz on 7th deployment of Summerville, South Carolina he died in eastern Afghanistan after being wounded by enemy small arms fire. A member of the Afghan security forces was also killed and several were wounded.

Less than a week ago, U.S. Army Corporal Joseph Maciel, 20, of South Gate, California, was killed on July 7 in an apparent insider attack by a member of local security forces, and two other service members were wounded.

American led forces invaded Afghanistan in 2001 to overthrow the Taliban government for harboring al Qaeda militants. Since then, nearly 1,900 USA troops have been killed in the war.

President Donald Trump has opposed remaining in Washington’s longest war, but his advisers convinced him that the U.S. should stay. Last year, he authorized the deployment of 3,000 more troops, bringing the total to about 15,000.

Meanwhile, Afghan forces’ capability remains murky, and a U.S. government watchdog recently reported that the Afghan government controlled or influenced only about 56 percent of the country.

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  2. poppy seed (heroin) and a large vein of lithium are the 2 reasons we're occupying that country, not too mention to have boots on the ground in a region we long to control. it's sad to see any Americans give up their lives for these reasons.

  3. As David Icke says 'todays soldiers are mere pawns in a game they don't understand', and how true is that.

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