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Breaking News: “Huge Explosion In Syria” Russia Said USA Or Israel Did It

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  1. Hey Grand Supreme can u upload a video about May 4.14. 2018 or neither the dates they put cause these false prophets are still on it again

  2. I like your channel .. The Zionist Jews in THE LAND , the LAND OF ISREAL are not the Isrealites .. I think your really cool just do homework on Zionist Jews ..
    Ephesians 2 talks how we are all ISREAL NOT JUST JEWS .. in the end There will be 144,000 True Jews left .. I believe it's in Revelation
    Thank you for what your doing
    While people are saying, "Peace and safety," destruction will come on them suddenly, as labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape.

  3. The Quran has now proven to be the words of a Annuniki To destroy the Christ we see Hell being set up as it is written 3 billion sent to Hell without the Christ on purpose welcome to the beginning of a Thousand Years Of Peace ✌️

  4. Bless you brother! I share videos on my channel to help others understand the times we are in right now; would you mind if I shared your video? Thank you.

  5. You are truly biased and lacking in objectivity. Iran has been targeted by Israel and the US from decades ago . It is common knowledge that the CIA destabilized Iran and got rid of their democratically elected leader , and foisted the tyrannical Shah on the Iranians. If they had just left iran alone , they would have been a secular , westernized nation . It is through Israel's puppet, the USA , that Iran became ruled by the mullahs , as the people revolted against the vicious Shah and turned to the ayatollah.

    It is the US who instigated Iraq to go to war with Iran , causing over 2 million Iranians to die. They supplied Saddam with chemical weapons and showed him where to use it. Everyone who has investigated Iran's suspected nuclear bomb has come away saying it's a pile of horse shit . Even the CIA acknowledged that Iran's nuclear facility is for civilian use , for power generation. it is only Israel who has been harping this tired lie year in and year out .

    If anyone has been the aggressor in the middle east , it has been Israel. They even drew up a plan detailing how they were going to destabilize their arab neighbours , breaking them up into "smaller manageable units" , in the Oded Yinon Plan . General Wesley Clarke detailed in 2002 how the US planned to take down several arab states . The agents of terrorism in the middle east is Israel and its proxy puppet, the USA. i pray to god that the people of the US regain control of their government , and i pray that Mr trump resists and stands up to Israel. Only then will sanity prevail.

  6. I don't know what Bible you are reading but you keep missing the part where Israel gets destroyed along with Syria. People always seem to miss that part and it clearly states many times even in same sentence when it mentions Syria. How can you be blind and skip over those lines? The two go together. The promised land deal is long over..Jews killed that deal long time ago. God doesn't make promises twice. After they killed the deal he never promised land again. Now them drawing lines and trying to get all that land by force is not God's plan. God loves all his creatures but he always side with fairness…not the good..not the bad…but the ones who are fair. Israel is not playing a fair game and this is when you lose grace. If you are for life..grace is with you. If you are against life..grace is not with you. Read that again until you understand what that means.

  7. Did you know Israel is making chicken Trump Town in Jerusalem and Trump train station that takes you to the temple+++ think about it please!!

  8. The fall of Damascus is whats happening and world war 3 starts in Damascus i can just see it.Im subscribing bro.Im on the same page,and god has really made me awoke and I've came back from alot of sin growing up in this world with little guidance.The Lord was the lamp at my feet when I didn't even know it.I believe nothing but the kjv to.

  9. We know the prophecy that says Damascus will be a heap of rubble. I wonder if this is now that war where Russia, Iran, and Turkey will be destroyed. We need to pray and see! … your so right! .. no time for sleep! …

  10. You realize this was Isreal bombing Syria. It was not the United States. Isreal is using the United States to bomb the Iranians. Bomb Isreal!

  11. You are right, the main media is not saying much about this. It was so hard to get Youtube search to bring me much information on this also.

  12. Yes please upload more I watched your video last night some bad is going to happen I can feel it ! Although please keep up loading !!

  13. Anyone else not able to listen more then 5 mins, I’m sorry it’s like Elmer Fudd ffs no disrespect I’m sure you have some good info I just can’t

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