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Breaking News: Friends come forward to resolve Pak-US tension | @ Q

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  1. Now paki terrorists plan to turn their begging bowl towards Chinese. This is the best thing. Chinese do not give freebies. They will gradually start eating paki territories, lol. US & India will cherish these take over moments.

  2. Suno Pakistanis International Bhikari!!
    "Allah key naam par dey do,"
    Bheekh Maangna Bund Karo.
    Pakistanio ko Nanga Bhookha aur Bhikari bana diya hai Pakistani Hukumat ney.
    Sharam karo Bhikario
    Jai Hind.

  3. What an asshole this bugger is!! His delusions and silly analyses are mind blowing! And these Pakis are China's whores!

  4. We can not trust America.we been betrayed again and again in the need of our time.we can't carry on like this .We should start charging for the use our space and land roots.America has saved lot of money by free passage compare to the billions they claimed to have given us.We can't keep getting this american shit anymore.

  5. Its good luck of Pakistan, that US himself has initiated to be apart from Pakistan, its the best time for the nation to choose its permanent and reliable strategic partner. China and Iran can be its first priorities.
    Almighty has given a golden chance to Pakistan to distance itself from the most unreliable and satanic country who is not anyone,s friend. US has ever back stabbed those countries who had ever helped to bale him out of its self created misfortunes.
    The people or countries who suggest Pakistan in the present scenario to restore its terms with US are not Pakistan,s well wishers in my opinion.

  6. Nahi….. Nahi…… Ahmad….. Kurshi….. Itne din Trump tera program to regular dekhtaa tha par Urdu samjh me nahi aati thi….
    Aaj English bol kar tune saare dukhde door kar diye…. Trump sab samjh gaya…. Kurshi….
    Tune ye English pahle kyu nahi boli… 😂😂😂😇😂😇😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  7. Aaj pappu ko ek naya Idea aaya h ki… Mai Sari baate trump ko samjhata to hu fir bhi vo samjh kyu nahi raha h????!
    Ab pappu ne socha ki are Mai to Urdu me bolta hu…..
    To aaj English me bolungaa….
    Or vo bhi aisia ko azia…. To Trump samjh jaayega….. Puppu ki pappy (chhoti) soch… 😂😂😂😂😂

  8. No body should go to america to defuse tension let us leave alone to teach lessen to american..we should blockage america access every where.we are in position impose sanction on america.we can lead campaign of economic bycot of American and jews .we can block Arabian sea for oil transportation.we can compelled Muslim world to kick out american military bases in their countries..this bloody anchor person don't propagate america pak friendship.we don't want aid of America..we don't have wish to be friend of america.don't say we would be used again and against Russia.

  9. Saale Haramistani bhan chood kaum hai. Saale apni bhan se shadi karne wale harami musle. Saale darpook hinduo ka khoon hai Haramistani musle. Bhikari kaum.

  10. Our Pappu says (at 2:21 and 3:09) that China and Turkey have very good relations with US and are trying to mediate. Nothing could be further from truth. Speaks volumes of the Stupidity being dished out as Analysis in @Q.

  11. Listen to the GREAT porki strategy………CHINA , IRAN, SAUDI ARAB, ……will talk to US about Porkistan…..ahahahahah NON of these countries give a FLYING FUCK about Porkistan…..ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

  12. Don't forget you were licking Americans Pricks for many years and now you are liking the asses of Chinese' Pigs'. Don't be jealous Brainless Breed, because This is the truth.

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