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**BREAKING NEWS** Are Gas Fracking Earthquakes Sinking USA Into The Ocean?

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**BREAKING NEWS** New Technology Can Disable Entire US Military/World Peace! (2/2)

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Dead Fish in Fish Creek, Arlington, TX – City of Arlington Texas

Dead Fish and Snails in Fish Creek, Arlington TX City of Arlington

BREAKING: Texas has solved the fracking earthquake issue

Two Earthquakes Rattle North Texas

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  1. There might be a way to get an air sample, and water sample from the affected areas, and have the water and air sampled tested. To get an air sample, trap some in a jar full of water. the bad contaminates will settle in the water. If possible pump the air through water liduid, the water will filter out the contaminates. They can be tested that way, then you can compare the chemicals they use to the air sample. If they match then you have a case for pollution.

  2. Do you feel they will try to harm you and your family in any way if it goes way up in corruption in your town…I would just leave the names to the court room…

  3. Frackling is dangerous and is not recommended. You know what happened to one of the Klingons home world. It exploded due to frackling mining.

  4. Having the same issues. I am in HC which is a suburb of Ft Worth. I know u know what city I mean. They have supposedly stopped drilling in my area but Im not sure. Im smelling a chemical smell as well. It almost resembles clorine. Me & my children have had dizzy spells, Panic attacks, Hard time breathing, getting sick more often & racing heart. the water is WHITE & frothy & has a chemical flavor and smell. We use a filter on the fridge water, but that taste is still there. I am scared TBO.

  5. BTW.. I have been smelling that chemical smell on and off really strongly for about 5 days.. For the last 1 days I have been trying to come down with a cold. My throat is scratchy and raw feeling almost like a cold.. It will come and go throughout the day. I notice when I smell the chemicals this happens.

  6. Gee I wonder if this is why the Bush Family is buying up land in south America where all the aquifers are. The next (NEW OIL) means to control the world…Get a rope…

  7. Nestlé® Pure Life® water delivered to your home makes it easier for your family to hydrate without sugar or calories. Yea that's right, a foreign corporation is making millions of dollars draining one of the Great Lakes and selling it to dumb ass Americans in plastic bottles at prices comparable to the gasoline they put in their tank. Oh and by the way, rumor has it that the plastic bottles cause cancer. Better signup for relay for life. Follow the money.

  8. Good job Kelli, However i would like to point out RF and micro waves are also very dangerous to humans…Who would of ever thought that a frequency would turn out to be the "cure" all as well as the "kill" all. It is my opinion from the research i have done , that is exactly what we are faced with today. We know of some of the good things it does in the medical imaging world and we know it can also cook our dinner for us. I firmly believe that a specific RF can cure any disease even cancer at the same time i believe that a specific RF can end all life period..Nikolia Tesla was a brilliant man who wanted to give this "free" energy to the peoples of the world, but a very bitter, very greedy old man and Tesla's financial backing said if he couldn't put a meter on it and charge money then it will not happen…That asshole would of been J.P Morgan. And the public utilities company scam was created…This is whats hard for ppl to grasp and understand, EVERYTHING we have been taught about our country, our leaders and our way of life as it turns out is all BS and a scam or fraud in some form. (HOLD YOUR HOLY ROLLIN PPL I WOULD NOT WANT TO LIVE ANYWHERE ELSE BESIDES THE US) I'm just stating something you all should really take a look at. Example; "The American Dream" , white picket fences and all that BS. I say BS because it turns out because a bank will lend you money at interest to buy a home or that new car you are then supposedly are living the American dream…So massive debt is the American dream??? To top it off the same banks can dictate the value of your dream, one day your home is valued at $175,000 the next day because of greed your home is now worth $55,000..How about we just set a flat rate of profit above the ACTUAL cost to build a car, boat or home. Like 2% for example.I realize that is not free market capitalism but we don't have that today anymore anyway..The rich elite families made their money because of free markets but they really don't want us to be able to do the same..Kelli here's a good story for you to research, Fractional reserve banking. You know, OUR as well as most of the worlds system of banking? Your "credit" rating says if you are a "risk" to lend money to or not,right? In reality a bank NEVER takes ANY risk whatsoever. OK maybe they put up the cash to actually build the building that will be their bank but that's it.For every $1000.00 you deposit they can lend 10 times that amount to someone else..Well they ad numbers to a computer anyway…The ppl a top of these banks are the same ppl a top the oil companies and the utility companies and the cell companies and so on. You want to hurt these parasites? EVERYBODY CLOSE YOUR ACCT. IF YOU ARE WITH ANY OF THE BIG MAJOR BANKS. Open accts. with small local banks or credit unions or better yet put your cash into something that actually has value..I know i am going to get a whole bunch of negative feedback from those who believe our system is the best there is but i say to them…Bull Shit..Keep up the good work Kelli…..Peace.

  9. We are having the same thing going on….they said all the earth quakes are not caused by them….I said are u crazy?! It is common sense!! Go Kellia and Chuck go!!!

  10. The ground water is also being contaminated with fracking fluids that will make you sick and in some cases you can light your water coming out of your faucet on fire….you can't drink your water anymore and they have to put up potable water containers on your land so you can have water to wash your clothes etc… really sucks!!

  11. Multinationals in the field of hydraulic fracturing "kicked in the basement of 19 states over 30 million gallons of diesel fuel or liquid containing" before the EPA issues a report in 2004 stating that "the use diesel fuel in liquids for hydraulic fracturing was the main threat of groundwater, "insofar as it contains toxic substances, including BTEX (benzene, toluene, xylene and ethylbenzene)

  12. It is a global thing, here in the Netherlands the Nam oil company denies cause-effect on all the earthquakes in our province Groningen. A lot of families are devastated, houses foundations cracked and unsaleable. All for shale gas.Politicians deny off course too.

  13. I have seen most of your videos with the years I think I missed this one yes free this world we all can do something corporations use money to get away with what they are doing and lie as there are doing it its discusting I think souless

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