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  1. Sexual harassment talk directly or misconduct to the woman is not accepting , but man talk to man about woman that is natural of a boy or man nothing concern

  2. "Men behaving badly"…this time without assault rifles, and nowhere near Las Vegas, and at last count, 58 fewer fatalities.

  3. Im sure more women could come forward regarding Trump. If that happens it might be the first sexual nail in his coffin. Still the news should focus more on Kushner, as these latest Revelations could be the dam breaker. He is hiding info they know he's hiding. Could seriously be huuuge. Think about who and how exposed this. Not the usual news on Russia.

  4. So Hatch thinks his job stinks because he has served the poor for all these years. So now he thinks its time to service the rich, hence this tax plan and the dismantling of health care which will affect the poor and benefits the rich.

  5. Hey, I just noticed that the party affiliation initial also works as the initial of the first name; (Doug) Jones D., (Roy) Moore R.

  6. Comical, is'nt????? We have two kinds of Abuse. Trump vs.12 say all women are lying.even when everybody can hear it..mumbeldrmbel crabbing they at the Puxxysalk with Bush.
    We have a Judge Moore he has, proven, searching the young and younger Girls…they are all lying and this Superduper Judge Moore get away for over 30 years.
    Then we see Al Franken making stupid things and he apologize and he is willing and able to come out with the truth.
    This Wo man here i have my doubts, i would wish to know how many Bucks she will getting for it!!!!!????????

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