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Boris Johnson warns US against ending the Iran deal

British foreign secretary says the flaws in the Iran nuclear agreement need to be fixed.

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  1. Boris John Is A Wolf In Human Skeleton And Support Jihadi Terrorist Muslims indirectly to Attack on Humanity When He Don't Directly Attack Humanity On Wasteless Issues.

    UK must Send him to Jail Before He turn UK in to Islamic Agenda Corporate Business Forms.

  2. The Sunset Clause proves that the deal is a sham and only delays Iran's intentions for developing nuclear weapons. Cancel the deal and start over.

  3. If a foreign secretary of a powerful nation attends the show you have to have manners and fucking respect interviewing him. This fox host was constantly not letting him finish and ignoring the points that Boris Johnson made

  4. There is a man at the end of our street I am really unsure about. I think he may have already murdered my wife and children. I heard the gunshots and what I think was my wifes screams coming from his house, but I cant be sure. He has invited me to dinner at his house next week and told me to keep the dinner secret, he has promised to cook his Iranian style chicken- which I like very much.

    I am in a bit of a dilemma here on whether or not I should trust this man. My wife and children have still not come home and I a bit unclear if this man wants to harm me in some way. Should I call the police and report my suspicions that this man may have killed my family or should I go to the dinner. I really like the chicken.

  5. Boris, Merkel, Obama, & definitely Clinton & Kerry ALL have tp PAY BACK HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS IN BRIBES

  6. Boris Bombs Syrian locations, why not Iran then maybe China & possibly a couple of other countries first for the warm-up.

  7. Jealous whiteys can't stand another prosperous nation, let Iran be. even if they want nukes don't all western powers including Israel have them what will another country having them do.

  8. Don't mess with the Persians, there's even a prophecy about them they are a major key player in the last days.

  9. Who made the United States the God of everyone? The Europeans should stick to the deal and never cow down to Trump. He should come to the table and not the rest of the world. If he doesn't the world should continue.

  10. Who is this interviewer? Looks like he is following a script? Surely a journalist should be objective. Interviewer has an agenda.

  11. How many innocent people do the yanks to blow to pieces, just like the womenn & innocent children they blew up in Iraq over their lies?

  12. What I dont Understand why the Iranian are opposing strongly to chance the agreement with out seen yet what the american is offring them in their new agreement, what they got to loose if they have really intention to be onest to the world

  13. There has been no proper inspection. They forewarn Iran they are coming and this is not a proper inspection process.

  14. Well they sold weapons to Middle East and they came with Bin Laden, now do they want to put Nuclear power in these people's hands, are we stupid or what??? Economy? Just give another choice to make that country grow without using Nuclear.
    These people are already violent by nature, look at the Islamic state, sharia law, etc.

  15. Iran is mad cause they paid $5 billion dollars bribes to get nuclear weapons program John Kerry is in a lot of trouble soon and obozo

  16. Boris Johnson is just a despicable nobody who is actually on the side to the Mohammedan states. He is anti – USA and even Anti Britain. He is one of those that is closing down free speech in in England that is now a poor pitiful little country invaded by Mohammadens and he along with his colleagues are responsible for that. If there is a voice that should not be heard it is this one.

  17. I hope that USA and Israel will kick shit out of Muslim Nazis of Iran. Take Babylonians and hit them on the rock. This is the only way the bloodthirsty Muslims Ayatollahs understand. Glory to Israel! God bless USA!

  18. Hey, who needs facts? Obama never got Senate approval and it wasn’t even signed by Iran. Some ‘agreement.’ It wasn’t U.S. policy, it was Obama’s ‘side deal.’

  19. Trump besides being an idiot in chief was brainwashed growing up in New York by zionist jews who suck the blood of my country America (i know i live in New York) . you blood sucker worthless, israeli ass kisser corrupt U.S. politicians obey the murderer ugly face, ugly heart the terrorist in cheif Natanyahoo. America will be free only when it's free from israeli/zionists control of its politics, congress, banking, hollywood,…(even medical schools) in America. Shame on power hungry zionitst asskisser politicians and shitface anchors like Hanity and the many other opurtunists/brainwashed who are on the payroll of these zionist AIPAC lowlives.

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