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Bill Neely: North Korea Seeks To Divide US And South Korea | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Kim Jong-un stated that his officials could meet South Korean counterparts to discuss sending athletes to participate in the PyeongChang Winter Olympics next month in South Korea. Is the North Korean leader seeking to drive a wedge between the U.S. and South Korea? Bill Neely discusses.

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Bill Neely: North Korea Seeks To Divide US And South Korea | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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  1. Missing is the fact that this sends a message to the world America is crazy, they have a nuclear weapon and will use it regardless the circumstances, some nations that do not agree with US policy will consider developing their own nukes as a deterrent.

  2. If talks continue and North Korea and South Korea can form some sort of peace, this will further show the world leaders they don’t need US anymore. That is if nuclear war doesn’t happen first.

  3. This title comes from the Upside Down. Korea trying to reunite is NK seeking to "divide US and South Korea"????? Interesting perspective, creeps.

  4. Sanctions aren't doing squat. North and South Korea have decided to sidestep and ignore trump and get on with the business of diplomacy and stay as far away from trump's threat of nuclear war as possible. South Korea is only the first Ally to adopt this possibly life saving step to better diplomacy.


  6. So Ms. Haley when the rest of the UN and their countries refuse to back you ridiculous "my way or the highway", this will be just hot air. Any talks should be seen as positive, playing the playground bully doesn't show much brain power.

  7. Ya… Maybe we should take the nukes away from Trump.. he actually seems more likely to use them than noko.. starting to look kinda sad really

  8. It’s not that Trump doesn’t understand the North Korean situation and nuclear war, it’s that he doesn’t care one way or another. A billion people die? No biggie, as long as he has the “bigger” button. What a narcissistic asshat.

  9. Bargaining about plant expiration cheaper resources

    Give them something maybe it's because race that people are treating their breed as less maybe it seems like we trying to strive them out we need to set laws on race world population allowance it's true they feel like you us united states use race to rub in someone poor health or poor genetics invisible racism barriers

    We drop a bomb on them baby gloating over someone else downfall expecting to just sit there

    Ain't no one nation under god

  10. its "possible"" kim jong just might get nuclear, kick us out of korea and take over the world ? ..just sayin'….he did get a new suit…..😊

  11. Came to hear about North Korea dividing the U.S…
    But all I hear in this video is: "Trump Trump Trump Trump Tweet Trump"
    That's when I realized this was MSNBC

  12. It's incredibly obvious Kim Jong Un is trying to push trump off the rails to make the south uneasy about the US. Then he can extend the olive branch and treat them nicely. That way if he were to demand US soldiers leave the peninsula, the south will be less likely to resist that notion

  13. It is US who has been deviding the world..North South, East West, Pales/Isreal, Afghan/tali….just name the region

  14. They are buying time and fatboy thinks he talks from a position of strength. But on the contrary he is weak and scared. Buying time so that Russia and China can mobilize. But hey fattyboy Japan is licking their lips for you…beware

  15. That Nikki want war no peace…Buuuu.u.u.u. your family, friends, et.. will die if a Nuclear war start, trump Government had bunkers food, water, et.. what about you and your family and the rest of us… That Nikki really sound beyond ABRA CALABRA " ignorant AND STUPID"..

  16. Oh good. Because if i'm Kim Jong un, i would also only want to be nice to south Korean government only if the cut relation to US.
    US can keep imposing whatever you want, north Korea should continue asserting their rights.
    U.S will be dead.

  17. SK cares less about threat from NK than US does because SK does not threaten to destroy NK. In fact, NK always threatens to retaliate against US not SK.

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