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Ben Stein: Media disgraced itself by fighting against memo

Author and economist speaks out after House Intelligence Committee’s memo on FISA abuse is released to the public.

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  1. At this point, people the world over understands what a vulgar, vile, bigot ignorant moron sits in the American people's house, the WH.
    The more this creep claims his innocence, the more reasons to investigate him there are
    Why is he trying to short circuit this investigation if he is innocent?. Get his treasonous disgraceful ass, Dir. Mueller.

  2. The media haven't been fighting fighting fighting against the memos release ..they have been reporting that the memo hasn't been vetted by the DOJ and FBI before their release as requested and is normal practice .. Not that the feeble minded can tell the difference.

  3. What color is the sky where you people live? It is everyone at Fox News (with 2 exceptions) who have traded their journalistic integrity for a paycheck. Pathetic, and shame on you for putting your brain, and your conscience, on hold while you watch this drivel. If you are looking for truly fake news check out Hannity.

  4. The same media? Not by a long shot. The media during the time of the Pentagon Papers was staffed by journalists. Today's media are nothing more than tools of the DNC.

  5. Up coming, 3 years All Federal Judges should be put under a microscope….. Especially FISA court judges… Learn their history and rulings then start weeding them out accordingly to the Constitution of laws in those area's….. Get that, Swamp drained and the rest will be a walk in the park…. 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸

  6. What if Billionairs spent billions of dollars with 90 percent of all the tools in the box, and yet it was all for nought because the people recognised the truth from a lie.

  7. great–a political ad on here for scott wallace bragging about his mom and her working for planned parenthood. oi this world…

  8. Ben stein for the win!

    Neil cavuto seems like another Shepard smith. .. a liberal closet democrat who happens to work for fox news….. the real men are tucker, hannity, and laura!

  9. They're not kidnapped Ben….they're owned by the dems.simple as that.a little money goes a long way in making men fools!

  10. No don't release all the memos and the FISA request and the judge that approved this doc–so these thieves, liars, traitors, and killers can cause more damage to the US and US people —does anybody with a half a brain think these thieves, liars, traitors, and killers have stooped damaging the US and us people ha ha ha. The Medea also can cause more damage with their BS and lies, so please do not releases go along schiff and the rest of these creeps

  11. The memo: a supposed smoking gun that actually backfired. A laughable dud. Another Faux News non-story like Uranium 1. Fox is Putin's useful idiot.

  12. SO ACTUALLY PRESIDENT TRUMP was "WIRETAPPED"..THAT SOUNDS LIKE NEWS..(Especially if you are a democrat), because even the birds in the sky knew Obama was creepy sneaking around the white house like a rat, mischievous in intent

  13. The one thing that stood out the most in the SOTU speech and the release of the memo is the hatred democrats have for America.
    Followed by the medias.

  14. Ben Stein lives in a trailer with his mother. He is bought and sold by Fox and jealous of Jimmy Kimmell, who actually isn't a bitter loser.

  15. ah , Ben… FOX IS MAINSTREAM MEDIA. You people suck your own dicks so hard it makes the rest of the world fall apart laughing.

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