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Belmont Stakes: Justify wins Triple Crown

SportsPulse: USA TODAY Sports’ Dan Wolken on the epic race at the Belmont Stakes where Justify won the Triple Crown.

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  1. You are the king of kings Justify!!! Together you and Pharaoh have resurrected the sport of horse racing!!!  😀 fly, fly away boys!!! enjoy your life in the lap of luxury!!!!

  2. Wow, I wonder whether that jockey 'barfed' before he won that race ? Every pound counts :p
    Humans & $$$'s. I feel for the beautiful animals is all . . .

  3. My bet is he has nothing but money on his side……his real trainers and jockeys and horses are the combo……

  4. The Wokkie Report! Hope you had fun today, Dan. And thank the heavens that Baffert had a discernible TN Neptune Trine Uranus (0* 16 S), which kept me out of this enjoyable chalkfest. What keeps training Bob Baffert's head from exploding with overwhelming vanity now? Congrats as always to the indestructible, wonderful jockey Mike Smith; and to hell with NYRA, which has allowed Belmont Park to crumble into a 3rd World sh*thole.

  5. Its the only sport were they cant make the athletes better than the ones in the past ,but i do love this blue collar tough horse.

  6. is it fair for horse in second place, by the same trainer – Restoring Hope – to run interference – preventing the other horses from coming up – forcing them to go wide? It seems unfair, I don't know, just asking.

  7. To tell you how weak the group of horses Justify faced in his Triple Crown run look to the fact that one of the best he didn't even have to face in two of the races I believe because the other horse was from the same barn / trainer. Add in for the Belmont Stakes that the 2nd place finisher was an import who beat nobody before this at all and manages to finish ahead of every other 3 year old that challenged Justify throughout the run. What does that say about the 3 year old competition especially from the US this time? Heck one big shot went on record the other day saying if Justify won the Triple Crown this would be the worst Triple Crown winner ever and while I am not ready to say that I sure as hell can say the 3 year old competition was definitely weak this time and that when you have connections take out a horse that was a threat to Justify to win the Triple Crown due to monetary reasons (which I understand in this crappy world) well it taints the accomplishment. Arguably the best challenger to Justify did not run every race of the Triple Crown and that is just crap.

  8. That horse is garbage, that pussy spoiled baby horse is no triple crown winner, you young slack jawed cocksuckers don't know the game they are running on you fools, this bob baffert trainer crooked mobster is holding horses out of the speed race preakness and buying off other trainers to keep there horses out of the distance race Belmont, it's big money folks to be made by all crooks involved, secretariat, affirmed, Seattle slew, man o' war are the only real warriors who beat all comers. Chumps.

  9. A Jockey from New Mexico, my home state! I couldn't be more proud. Way to Go Mike!!!!! Maybe this will get The Downs At Sant Fe up and running again! Those in power, you know who you are, get off your laurels and make it happen!!!!! The state of New Mexico, city of Santa Fe need the track to be up and running again!

  10. Bet them white folks have sex with them horses! White folks are number one in child molesting / incest/ sex with animals/ inbreeding #facts 🤔

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