National News

Behind the scenes: CTV National News

Behind the scenes: CTV National News
2006 / 32:18
Featuring Burnz, Chuckie and Mark Simms
Filmed: Jan 3, 2006

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  1. fake asses acting hard like they actually "gang bang" you may know the streets but you ain't gang banging

  2. Jane and Finch mall is so dead now 🙁 It doesn't really appeal to the youth anymore since it's so easy to take like… 2 buses and get to York Dale.

  3. The Vietnamese guy is Chuckie Akenz. He actually makes pretty good music, take a look sometime. Keep in mind, this was almost ten years ago, a lot of stupid shit we did back then was considered "down".

  4. unholychuck is a typical troglodyte. gook.. lol maybe that would make you suck his dick one day and that's why you're pissed

  5. Chuckie Akenz is like the George W. Bush in the rap game. He already fell off out the game. He's just walking around being cool thinking fuck the world…

  6. hardest gangster rap tracks. woodie -time to go to war and lil bandit-body bags also type in hmong thug 117 and hear that and the list called norteno rap on the side video and share it . hardest rap ever n unheard of

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