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BBC World News ‘The World Today’ 20 January 2014 Tribute to Komla Dumor (Part 2)

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  1. If someone wish to know what will take place is the world and how the world problem will end, read, ' The GREAT CONTROVERSY', by E.G. White; shes been dead about 100 Years; through dreams and visions she wrote about the final world events… she only had 3 third grade education; every predictions thus far, has been took place; including the Pope coming to America; One World Order, the pope as the leader of the One World order; and how it will affect each person world wide; persecution, how the nations will be angry;
    including the Mark of the Beast; the police state; Martial law etc. share it with friends and family. God bless you all in the up coming events

  2. English students….go to settings ( the hub bottom right on video) click SPEED and enjoy ….nancy thomas-ward

  3. aljazeera news is one of the best news in whole world because his or her speaking is clear and elobrate so thats why many asiain c ountry like this nesw

  4. News, as we know is a bad illnesse; it causes insanity. Stress, especially Sky and BBC news! Destroying innocent good Muslims life. With there hatred towards Muslims; using Muslims as escape goats to cover up there killing; when Polytheism gets barbaric and blows up innocent people. Because this is the only way mad Polytheism; gone wrong can deal with it ,Paris BOOM!

  5. regime change in Iran is the best for peace in the region,,,,,,,,,,98% of Iranians hate their extremist regime,,,,,,,,arrests, executions, human right violation, cruelty of revolutionary guards, corruption of government officials, joblessness, hopelessness of the people for better life,,,,and lack of freedom, war merger, creating wars between Shiite and Sunnis, constant arrest of journalists,,,,,,,,IRANIAN REGIME IS MORE DANGEROUS THAN NORTH KOREA,,,,

  6. Globally children are affected by this Touch screen
    Date 27-09-2017
    Nalin Ranjan, Scientist

    Society for Neuroscience-Mexico

    How to avoid sleepwalking and sleepless nights in children?
    I am surprise to see two articles one being titled as “Touch-screen giving kids sleepless nights” and the other one titled as “Tech breeding generation of sleepwalkers: expert” both had appeared in ‘The Times of India’ corresponding to the date as 14-4-2017 and 12-9-2017. Since it had appeared as news I would like to give some solution how to tackle those sleepless nights as well as sleepwalking in children. My personal advice is only for children ranging between 4 -17 years are more inquisitive to operate the smartphone. In order to operate the smartphone parents can make use of their weakness to enable the child to climb coconut trees or iron post by attaching a string to the phone bag and raising it to a limited height of the tree or iron post. With this kind of enthusiasm child takes the initiative to climb the coconut tree to fetch the phone by clinching the string using the mouth piece. And thereafter parents should insist the child to climb three or four times a day. By doing so he/she gradually learns the art of climbing trees using their bare feet that could easily lead to a healthier brain in young age. This is how prehistoric humans got used in climbing trees to fetch food from trees about three million years ago.
    It is purely due to four limb action and close proximity of the eyes enhance the voltage power for the brain. This is the best way to avoid sleepwalking and sleepless nights in children by practicing the climbing habit till he/she attains the age of adult. Thereafter he/she will be as healthier as ever if they don’t use electronic devices not more than 3-8 minutes to keep the brain’s voltage power for a longer duration. This excess usage of electronic devices naturally kills the brain by decelerating the voltage power enhanced by the four limb action. So it is not advisable to give any cell phone below the age of four years, but try to restrict them from using it. Just by climbing it makes the body and the brain as healthy as ever.
    Let this beauty speaks itself in young children’s too.
    Nalin Ranjan
    Brain Research Work
    Copy of this report posted to “Kings College London Neuroscience’ on 27-9-2017
    Copy of this report posted to “Federation of European Neuroscience society” on 27-9-2017
    Copy of this report posted to “Scientific American Magazine” on 27-9-2017
    Copy of this report posted to Lawrence Krauss from United States-California” via You Tube on 27-9-2017
    Copy of this report posted to "Neuroscience Ireland" on 27-9-2017
    Copy of this report posted to "UCC Chemistry" on 27-9-2017
    Copy of this report posted to "Imperial College Neuroscience Society" on 27-9-2017
    Copy of this report posted to "BBC.Com -World News' on 29-9-2017

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