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Barack Obama Interview (Exclusive) | HT Leadership Summit 2017 | CNN-News18

Hailing the special relationship that India and the US share, former US president Barack Obama opened the day two of the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit 2017 in New Delhi on Friday. The former president also weighed in on the Narendra Modi versus Manmohan Singh debate, saying both had India-US relations in mind. Obama discussed India’s role in the international arena and his relationship with Modi even as he spoke about the dangers of technology.

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  1. Is it me or does it seem like President Obama is uncomfortable he's handling the questions professionally as he can but the interviewer and these questions.

  2. It was the mistake of Ht team to let Karan Thapar take the interview of the such great personality and also disappointment for audience too. It could be great with any other anchor.

  3. Mr. Hussain Obama is being disingenuous! He was brought up as a Muslim in Muslim countries and his father abandoned his family when he was child! His father's family have been muslims for generations! His father had four wives while still married to Mr.Obama's mother! Mr.Obama favoured Pakistan and was indifferent to Indian interests! Please check the facts! Don't believe this man! The anchor must be a Congress lackey! I'm Sri Lankan Canadian!

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  5. It is quite obvious that Obama's comments about Modi was only politeness. You can make it out from his observation about M M Singh which came from his heart and brains.

  6. Fuck the host, we love indians, we were indians once too. It's not about Indians or us it's about loving the human nature. There are extremists all around the world, but we got to condemn them rather than the whole country or race.Love, From Pakistan.

  7. The title of the video says "HT Leadership Summit".. The interview revolves around political agenda & private conversations of President Obama.

    Now as far as the content which CNN-News 18 has written in description part, clearly shows the extent to which CNN-News 18 can go, in creating illusion in minds of viewers. Its written in their description "The former president also weighed in on the Narendra Modi versus Manmohan Singh debate, saying both had India-US relations in mind. Obama discussed India's role in the international arena and his relationship with Modi even as he spoke about the dangers of technology."
    Statement 1. President Obama never "weighed" our PM Modi and Dr. Manmohan Singh, he mentioned about his own experience in working with both the Prime ministers. Its CNN-News 18, who either perceives or "wants us to perceive" that President Obama weighed both of them.
    Statement 2. India's role in international arena, his relationship with PM Modi & dangers of technology are three separate issues which were discussed (obviously poorly questioned by the interviewer and absolutely pathetically combined in the statement of CNN-News 18 description statement of this video.)

    Well CNN-News 18, calling out such an distinguished personality & speaking with him' on politics & private conversations, to draw attention of his' followers and wait for them (the followers) to create an issue or a buzz which you think can help you to market personalities like RaGa & Pilot (as you showed them multiple times in the video) for upcoming elections!

    CNN-News18, India is playing chess & you think its checkers, period!

  8. The DNC lost over one thousand seats under Obama's presidency, the dept. doubled, The DNC was left in financial ruins, his district of Chicago has had record murders, The race relations in the US became at an all time low, There is a record number of black men in the US prisons, the terrorist group called Isis gained their power with American weapons, Russia has control of twenty percent of US uranium.etc etc etc The American voters spoke on election day and do not need your bull shit excuses for why you blew one point two billion dollars TO LOSE.

  9. this putz is unqualified., wait i take that back hes totally qualified on how to muck things up. hes got us in a real dangerous situation in korea wish this jerk would stay over there

  10. Leave it to FAKE NEWS CNN to cover what the former CORRUPT PRESIDENT OBAMA has to say!!!Obama covered up all the Bribery Extortion with Uranium one deal!!!Just like Loretta Lynch his Corrupt AG!!!

  11. Stupid media people always bring their Agenda into everything. Such a shameless person Karan thapor is when obama was tearing him apart he was still giving typical Sickular smile (very similar to NCP leader sitting in front)

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