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Bankrupt USA National Debt 18 Trillion Dollars Breaking News August 2015

Bankrupt USA National Debt 18 Trillion doorstep of reality hitting the fan Global financial Debt Crisis Breaking News August 4 2015

Bankrupt Greece National Debt 388 Billion ALERT July 2015

Brink of worldwide Global financial crisis collapse doorstep New world order economic system – 11 Top Experts Predict Global Economic Disaster in 2015/2016 Breaking News July 30 2015 – what do you think? your comments???

July 2015 Breaking News Greek Banks Close Shut Down ATMs empty out Police on ALERT Why The Greek Economy Is Affecting Global Markets

Bankrupt Greece National Debt 388 Billion ALERT July 2015 Breaking News

Global Crisis July 2015 Breaking News

End Times News Update RISE of CHINA – BRICS to use Chinese Yuan as new GLOBAL reserve currency backed by GOLD in 2015? Russia signs $100 Billion fund to rival IMF Breaking News May 2015

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Last days end times news prophecy update USA Navy Stealth Nuclear Submarines Superiority

End Times News Update ISIS ISIL Islamic State claims Beheadings Ethiopian Christians in Libya Breaking news April 20 2015 Christian Persecution

End Times News Update April 2015 Breaking news MUSLIM WAR 4 Dominance Superiority Worldwide Saudi Arabia SUNNI VS Iran SHIITE

End Times News Update Breaking News April 2015 Netanyahu quotes Iran plans for the destruction of Israel

End Times News Update Saudi Arabia to allow Israel Fighter Jets use its airspace for Iran Airstrike

News Global Terrorism on the Rise End Times News Update

End Times News Update April 2015 Breaking News Christian Persecution Kenya – Shabab the Somali terrorist group singled out shot & killed 148+ 79 injured non Muslims at a college

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Warriors Fight the Good Fight 1 Timothy 6:12

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End Times News Update Global March against Chem Trails Geo Engineering HAARP Breaking News April 2015- PART2 of 4

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End Times News Update 2015 Breaking News Ukraine USA troops Russia Kremlin angered could destabilize the situation

End Times News Update RISE of CHINA – BRICS to use Chinese Yuan as new GLOBAL reserve currency backed by GOLD in 2015? Russia signs $100 Billion fund to rival IMF Breaking News May 4 2015

End Times News Update ISIS ISIL DAESH USA HomeGrown Terrorists Shootout Muhammad cartoon contest Breaking News May 2015 End Times News Update

End Times news Update Former Muslim Imam Explains how the Quran teaches Jesus Christ is God Creator

Chief of Police Arizona Fired – First responders with PTSD National CRISIS Breaking News February 2015

CANADIAN HOME BUYERS/SELLERS ALERT – City of Maricopa Cobblestone Farms Police killing Breaking news 2015 for more information contact Cynthia Quillen 602-957-9191
City of Maricopa Police fatally shoot Iraq Afghan Vet w/PTSD Mayor Christian Price Chief Police Steve Stahl

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  1. Nobody cares ! But if we do any of that we will be thrown in jail , and our family out in street ! Is this the america we spill our blood for ?

  2. Question:  Why is this happening?  It is a money grab…the Elites will foreclose on the globe and march in the one world currency and government.

  3. But what almost no one mentions is that this `debt` is not real. It is made up. The Usa has even actually gAVe more to countries around the world than it has 'borrowed'etc. Just simply ~this is all a fabrication designed for control,by the world banks. We the people are actually trillions of dollars on the plus side and its the `banks` that owe US. Research this. Dont believe the hype

  4. all of this is going but the main question i think is how is going to affect the average person that has a job/family/business?

  5. cut the military debt we don't need the over sea military. if we got the best technology we don't need over seas military.russia and china doesn't have overseas military

  6. will never be a super power if we give other nations our hard owned money.china and russia are gonna be the superpower and dominate the world

  7. Osama says "Raising the debt cieling is not the same as, approving more spending" fucking lol you Americans are so funny thats a classic.
    Was he on Saturday night live then ?
    I bet most Americans fell for that one too they complain about how docile Americans are yet they pray on it.
    Talk about try to pull the wool over your eyes, Ohh if we give a name "Emmmm I know we'll say , "This is called a 'Debt cieling' then there'll think it normal" just like your start up industry of 19 year old call it a 'Funding round' as if it's the normal thing to do, well it's not normal nothing Americans do is normal you are bizare where do i start.

  8. That guy is a doof with lame lame lame lame pathetic clockwork answers prize DORK
    America is a Rich Country yer as they say so why are we so broke and who do you owe the money too China so who owns America China that must bring you stuck up Americans down to Earth a bit, Shouldn't it ?
    "Oh well lets just go watch one of our amazing movies all about how great we are that will keep us in our bubble"
    Americans are brought up on Bubbles milk and lots of Honey

  9. Look… Stupid People talking Shit. Go on Austerity, and leave our Plunder alone!
    We have a Currency Collapse and watch how fast these well to do Pricks start clamouring for Universal Health Care. FUCK YOU PSEUDO ELITE SHITHEADS!
    You CAN'T fix an Aircraft that's run out of fuel, you can only CRASH, and those parachutes you are so confident in carrying you through are made out of toilet paper NOT silk.
    REMEMBER these words… Oh how the Mighty have FALLEN, and YOU are easily, and cheaply replaced.

  10. We are broke for life 😮 and when he said were at "peace" the U.S is sending soldiers to other countries to spy on them.. They are clearly Paranoid and not at peace.

  11. Why does no one talk about the most basic issue, eliminating the private debt based currency model? There should be NO interest on a country's currency. Bankers now own almost half of the world's assets due to the constant skimming from principle through interest payments that should never even exist. The FED is the problem and no one wants to mention it. Talking about cuts is beyond ridiculous. The entire corrupt mafia-style skimming operation we let start in 1913 needs to end. It is really that simple. Then this entire diversion tactic show can be shortened to about a minute.

  12. Hold on a fucking minute….. Who lent the money ? Where did they get it ? Did they pay tax on it ??? This is a complete load of BOLLOX. No one is falling for this.

    The government controls the money, therefore they could just instantly conjour the money as if they were bailing out a bank or invading a country. Therefore there is no debt… It is a scam.

  13. This was a light hearted video to a problem that can and will destroy our country's functionality as a nation. The ramifications to this can and would be felt for decades to come. If we bottom out the total redistribution of the wealth would go back to the wealthy elite, as it always does, only this time with impunity, pure avarice and total greed. Congress and the President really need to tackle this problem, not only in our country but globally ( all our economies are interlinked now)as it would cause devastation, not to mention chaos and cival unrest, if everything goes from bad to worst. Certainly, this is not a good or healthy prospect for any of us and deserves our primary and utmost importance and attention.

  14. Actually, USA has over 100 trillion dollars in debt if you take into account that cities, states, counties, and even US overseas territories are filing for bankruptcy.
    This year – – – Atlantic City filed for bankruptcy.
    This year – – – Puerto Rico filed for bankruptcy.
    City of Detroit continues bankrupt.
    Louisiana continues bankrupt.

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